Title : Touched By a Horse Inspirational Deck (Whispers from a Horse's Heart)
Format : Cards
Pages : 52 pages
Publisher : By Melisa Pearce
Language : English
ISBN : 0976041502

What if you could actually experience what is in a horse's heart You could listen to the whispers of the wisdom held within and be inspired as well as touched emotionally by what was held inside Through a lifelong relationship with horses and an extensive background as a psychotherapist Melisa Pearce has created a fun and easy way to learn about ourselves through our interactions with horses Inspired by the bold euine paintings of artist Jan Taylor Melisa translated what the paintings portrayed and intuitively wrote the message the horses were expressing The combined talents of these women brings to you an exuisite deck for your personal use or a wonderous gift By using these cards daily you will be inspired enlightened and encouraged to continue your journey of personal growth It is the perfect time to be Touched By A Horse physically emotionally and spiritually