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Pippa Grant ¿ 6 Summary Summary The Pilot and the Puck-Up ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB G est machine to ever own the ice I shoot I score In and out of the rink I don’t come early but I come often if you know what I mean And I always leave the ladies wanting Until that chick last night I’m no one thrust wonder and you’re damn right I’m going to prove to her I can. First person Dual POV HAE StandaloneEver since reading Stud in the Stacks every single Pippa Grant book gets rocketed to the top of my faves list Filled with laughs heart felt emotion I can t put them down Call me Fireball I don t wear lipstickDamn girl could ve fooled me Think I need to know your secretI eat my enemies for breakfast and wear their blood the rest of the day Joey is a bad ass Works and plays just as hard as the boys and typically bests them in almost everything She runs a company that get this operates ZERO GRAVITY PLANESYeah TheseSeriously impressive Zeus is a mountain One of the biggest burliest men of the NHL Also a prankster and takes pleasure in making people uncomfortable We open the story with him in a dress and a fancy party so yeah you can make your own assumptions Both characters meet at this party her looking for an investor and him winning a bet see dress He s so fascinated by her tough outer exterior and her killer body that he makes another bet He says he can get her even dressed like he is And it works for the most partAfter several instances of interrupted love making both would typically just cut and run at this point but for some reason they don t want to They have a side that no one else sees but they see it in each other and that s making it really difficult to walk away All in this eency weency slice of space where Zeus is teasing my climax harder and longer and deeper with those talented fingers making my world so small he encompasses the entirety of my existence while also making me feel like I own the whole fucking galaxy Their back and forth taunting of each other their intimately emotional scenes all of it was a win for me And seeing the layers beneath their own individual bravado was so satisfyingPlus Chase and Bro from Mister McHottie are featured heavily and I LOVE THEM Seriously read these books if you re in the mood for a pick me up They never fail to have me rolling one second and swooning the next I just know this woman my Joey she s a miracle She s my fucking miracle Til next time cuties

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The Pilot and the Puck-Up

Pippa Grant ¿ 6 Summary Summary The Pilot and the Puck-Up ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Do better But every time I think I’m finally on my way back into her pants she one ups and out balls me I should cut my losses lick my wounds and walk away But Zeus Berger doesn’t walk away from anything Especially when she's the only woman in the world who might be able to handle. Okay seriously I need a moment for my stomach muscles to relax and for me to dry my tears from laughing so freakin hard at The Pilot the Puck Up OMG I haven t had that much fun reading a book in a very long time This was my first book by Pippa Grant but it will not be the lastI loved Zeus and Joey Loved how they interacted Loved the snark Loved the banter Loved how they just connected and got each other Their relationship was very real developed on a real time frame Fun sexy perfectionAnd I d be remiss in not mentioning how awesome the secondary characters were too I loved the relationship between Joey and her sister Gracie Zeus and his twin Ares were so fun and some serious brotherly antics interjected And Chase and Ambrosia Zeus sister were amazing too Ambrosia didn t let her brothers or Chase get away with anythingSo much fun I m diving into the other interconnected books soon up first is Mister McHottie and will be uickly followed by Stud In the Stacks I cannot wait Missy 5 stars

Pippa Grant ¿ 6 Summary

Pippa Grant ¿ 6 Summary Summary The Pilot and the Puck-Up ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB He’s the biggest baddest most spider fearing motherpucker on the ice When you’re named after the king of the gods the world expects certain things of you Tough Damn right Smart Don’t let the hockey uniform fool you Large and in charge Honey I’m the biggest baddest mother puckin. The Pilot the Puck Up is a stand alone sports rom com by Pippa Grant The characters do recur from one book to another but it is not reuired to read any of them in order to enjoy this Zeus Berger is a professional hockey player a huge man feared on the ice as is his twin brother Ares Zeus and his brother are both known for their abilities on the ice and their antics off the ice People expect it of him and he is happy to comply Because of his size people tend to take him at face value Women want to hook up with him because of who he is But no one looks deeper No one knows how smart he really is No one bothers to see until he met her The Brute they call him On the ice Yeah Off the ice He s a teddy bear Josephine Joey Diamonte aka Fireball is a pilot for her and her partner s company Weightless She is a no nonsense former military woman who tends to get thought of as one of the guys She s okay with that She s accustomed to it But then Zeus walked up to her and all her lady parts woke up This woman She s different Stronger Smarter Harder She s got something inside her something driving her that I want to touch Want to see and feel Understand Joey and Zeus had that instant zing between them but let s just say their first couple of attempts to be together didn t go so well They were off to a rocky start Zeus knew he should walk away He was getting ready to start spring training soon He was not a relationship kind of guy But he couldn t get her off his mind These two were so much fun to read about Both were so lonely even though they didn t really see it But they saw so much in each other that no one else saw They got each other They understood each otherRight away on the first page you are introduced to Zeus s crazy hilarity I do have to admit that even though I ve read several of these books it s been awhile And I spent some time a bit confused with all the secondary characters But after a few chapters it all started falling into place This is what I would call an over the top rom com The antics are crazy But it also has so many sweet moments Both of these two had so much to offer No one ever bothered to notice until they met each other As they finally find their way these two steam up the pages with their sizzling chemistry I also want to be sure to mention that if you are a member of Pippa s news letter there are extended epilogues for I believe ALL of her books This one had three short little extended epilogues and they were adorable I loved them So if you want to snort laugh maybe swoon a little bit and just smile a lot then give this a try The next book on my Pippa reading schedule is Royally Pucked For about this book and so many come and visit me at Carol s Crazy Bookish WorldhttpswwwfacebookcomgroupsCarol

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