Title : Walkers
Format : ebook
Pages : 0 pages
Publisher : Kyra Gates
ISBN : 9781456899646

Lasette I love you said the voice in my headI burned from the torture those words meant I had done the unspeakable I knew he loved me and I loved him How could I go back How could Tyler a mere human have this much a hold on me The love I have for Anthony is trying to pull me back but the mistakes I've made are fueling the fire to stay here with Tyler Do I love him is that's what's holding me here Anthony hurt me; tore my heart right from my very chest but what I had done was unspeakableWalkers the first published novel from Kyra Gates will leave you yearning for as you embark on the journey of Aaliyah and Lasette as they race to save the ones they love and the species of the walkers as they know it