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Drums of War

FREE READ Drums of War Edith Morris Hemingway ↠ 1 SUMMARY CHARACTERS · SMALL-HOUSES.RU ↠ Edith Morris Hemingway Charley King a twelve year old boy form Pennsylvania is caught up in the excitement and patriotism of the Civil War Proud and eager to serve his country Charley volunteer. I was desperate for a book to read so I went to my stash of children s books This is one that I remember purchasing from one of those Scholastic flyers from school I m not sure any of my kids read it but I really enjoyed it It s written for the audience about the same age as the main character around twelve The realistic yet not overly grotesue description of Civil War battles and scenes make it appropriate for older grammar school aged children This would be a great read to go along with Civil War study It is based on a true story of 12 year old Charles King who joins the Union army as a drummer The narrative follows Charley and his company through battles in Virginia and Maryland The reader is privileged to see the war through the perspective of a young boy and learn along with him that the glory of serving his country is packaged with conflicting emotions and real danger even for a drummer boy The book has some sketch illustrations including a map showing the travels of Charley s company The book brings up a lot of subjects to discuss like in a classroom setting and includes historical figures that the kids will recognize I learned some about the living conditions of the soldiers and what a drummer boy s duties included I found it interesting and the writing engaging

CHARACTERS · SMALL-HOUSES.RU ↠ Edith Morris Hemingway

FREE READ Drums of War Edith Morris Hemingway ↠ 1 SUMMARY CHARACTERS · SMALL-HOUSES.RU ↠ Edith Morris Hemingway S as a drummer boy beginning the perilous journey that takes him from the defense of Washington to the horrific battle of Antietam Based on an actual person Drums of War. I enjoyed this book because I am a big Civil War buff I have been interested in the Civil War since I was little so this was a grreat book for meDrums of War was about a boy named Charlie King who signed up in the Union Army when he was 12 years old He signed up to be a drummer boy with his parents permission only because he promised to stay close to Captain Sweeney Charlie and the rest of the boys of the drum corps of the Pennsylvania 49th are all good friends except for Frank an orphan who lost his sister As the story goes along though Charlie and Frank become good friends They see many battles together and also many adventures such as Charlie s hot airballoon ride At the battle of Sharpsburg Charlie is hit from shrapnel from a cannon ball and Frank and the Sergent of the drum corps Sergent O Toole have to carry him to the nearest field hospital Several ddays later Charlie dies Charlie s father comes and gets Charlie s body and takes Frank home to his new familyThis story was a little sad at the end but the rest of the book was really good I would definatley recommend it to a friend

FREE READ Drums of War

FREE READ Drums of War Edith Morris Hemingway ↠ 1 SUMMARY CHARACTERS · SMALL-HOUSES.RU ↠ Edith Morris Hemingway Is a novel that will transport you to the front lines of the War Between the States where you will march alongside Charley right up to the stunning gut wrenching conclusi. Wow Drums of War is an intense book It s one of those book that you just can t put down I haven t had a book that good in a while Charley one of the main charters has gone through so much and seen a lot in his time in the service playing the drum He is one of the most bravest 12 year old I have ever heard of but he didn t do it alone With his good friends supporting him and him family giving home the power to move on nothing could stop him I would recommend this book to those who like to go to bed and the people of your book dance across you dreams acting out the stories they tell