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G.A. Hauser ´ 4 review Going Wild (Action, #9) review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ssociate the professional Dom Colt St John Mark's new found love of all things leather and latex brings the men to Colt's penthouse loft for a BDSM session they will never forgetMeanwhile Adam Lewis struggles to find work for award winning actors Keith O'Leary and Carl Bronson on the heels of the news that their top rated cable drama Forever Young has been canceled; a victim of the rising intolerance in society for gay men In the beginning of Keith and Carl's stint of the racy drama Adam begged them to deny they were a gay couple and kee. Really he didn t flaunt himself as a prima dinna or turn into a condescending brat because he already was a condescending brat Alexander had kept his humility in the face of extreme stardom um Hard to keep something you never had Yep I remember why I didn t like this series Ok Finished the book I have to say Alex is growing on me He seems to be maturing which is a nice turn Hopefully he will continue to do so Mark doesn t seem as neurotic which is also a nice change and will hopefully continue as well

Read Going Wild (Action, #9)

Going Wild (Action, #9)

G.A. Hauser ´ 4 review Going Wild (Action, #9) review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook P their sexuality a secret With the pressure from the tabloids and their producers to come out Keith and Carl succumbed to the exposure and admitted publicly they were gay Now the test will come if their decision costs them their careersWill the affair between Billy Sharpe and Alex Richfield be nothing than a sexual fling And will Adam be able to battle against the growing tide of homophobia in the mediaIn Book 9 of the best selling Action Series we see each of your favorite men Going Wild in their search to achieve happiness and true lo. This book was mostly about Alex and Billy and Angel and Billly breaking up I have to say I was surprised that they broke up they seemed happy Funny that Oliver wasn t in the story I wanted to hear of his side of things

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G.A. Hauser ´ 4 review Going Wild (Action, #9) review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook In this latest GA Hauser Action novel find out how Mark and the gang are truly 'Going Wild' with all of your favorite men finding love in all the wrong places After their forbidden affair twenty two year old Alexander Richfield and the forty two year old LAPD SWAT lieutenant Billy Sharpe can't seem to keep away from each other Billy's love and attention towards the rising Hollywood star give Alexander just what he cravesAttorney extraordinaire Jack Larsen introduces his husbands Adam Lewis Mark Richfield and Steve Miller to his new law a. So enjoyed this story but then I love all the Action books Only problem I had is personal I dont like the fact that Angel and Billy went there separate ways I no that Alex needs an older man to settle him down but man did it have to be one that had a happy ending

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