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Gossamer Faeble #1

Gossamer Faeble #1 review Û 3 Sophia Blithe’s seemingly perfect life masks the scars of a past that’s left her cold and immune to emotion She hides it well and is content to live behind that mask for the rest of her life A zoning change a few weeks before the start of her senior year changes all that when Sophia is force. review by MegslyWarning possible spoilers aheadA few months ago I had the distinct pleasure of reading SL Naeole s Grace Series which absolutely blew my mind I ve been waiting on bated breath for her new book Gossamer to be released and when it was I jumped on it and was once again blown awayGossamer is the story of Sophia the infamous Blithe Baby who was adopted by a strict conservative radio talk show host in her teenager years She s famous within her state as the baby who survived her mother s attempts to murder her not just once but twice As a result of her mother s actions Sophia is a distinctly cold and unfeeling person Her adopted siblings freuently beseech her to do things to evoke emotions from her but all Sophia can do is put on a cheerful face and pretend It s never genuine emotionSurprisingly for being a relatively unemotional person Sophia has a longtime steady boyfriend and a strong relationship with her siblings But when she is switched to a different school district her senior year the fragile strings of her world fall apart Reluctantly she attends and finds herself in the midst of a perfect world filled with perfect people who make perfect grades and do perfect work Of course Sophia with her blue and black hair black clothes and skateboard doesn t fit their mold or does she When Dex enters the picture as the handsome boyfriend of Gossamer High s perfect cheerleader Brea Sophia begins to wonder if things could get any worseI have to say I think Naeole out did herself with this one The only problem I had with her previous series was the length and her sometimes to flowery words and Gossamer in comparison was a perfect length It was well paced with very few slow spots within the chapters and most of the time I was so engrossed with what I was reading that I didn t even take note of how far into the book I was And just like she did with the Grace Series Naeole is a master and unfolding her story one tiny page at a time I never knew what to expect but she kept me hanging on for and at the very end she definitely revealed just enough to keep me definitely coming back for with the next bookPlot wise I have to say that Naeole did a great job twisting mythology once again to suit the needs of her characters The paranormal aspect of the story wasn t so prevalent in this book but I have a feeling it will appear in the future installments But we got just a taste of it but it was just enough of a taste to whet my appetite for Also I loved the characters The reasonings behind Sophia s actions were well developed with lots of information and backstory to pull the reader in Sophia herself was an enigma though not in a way that put me off I enjoyed learning about her as the story unfolded The themes of abuse within the story though difficult for me to read at times due to my own personal history were also well written Naeole did a great job with communicating the pain and confusion that comes with being a victim of abuse as well as the difficulty one may have in escaping the patterns of an abusive relationship It s a hard subject to write on but she did it wonderfully As someone who s lived through an abusive relationship and has read many works that I found horribly offensive for their portrayal of abusive relationships I commend Naeole for writing so wellDex was an intriguing character and at points I hated him and at points I loved him He truly was a curious little specimen to look in to As the story surrounding him unfolds he becomes even intriguing and confusing but I really just couldn t get enough of him I can t wait for the next book within the series simply so that I can learn about himOne thing I think that does need to be mentioned is that this book carries some pretty mature themes as far as abuse and depression are concerned This is a YA novel and I would definitely say if you re going to let your teen read this discuss it with them as they read it It s a pretty thought provoking and emotional book and though it s totally teen appropriate it does bring up some subject matter that I personally and as an educator think would be valuable discussion topics for any parents and teens Otherwise go read it Below is my rating of Gossamer by SL Naeole These are reflective strictly of my opinion of the novels I ve read and reviewed and are not necessarily reflective of the other staff members of MVF Story Elements plot 9 Character Development 85 Grammar Punctuation 9 Prose 9 Paranormal Element 7Total Score 8510total score is derived from the average of the 5 individuals scores

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Gossamer Faeble #1 review Û 3 D to attend Gossamer High It’s there she meets Dex Sterling the boy whose eyes haunt her dreams He’s carefree handsome cryptic infuriating and he knows about her than he should He makes Sophia uestion the feelings she has whenever she’s around him and worse whenever she’s not Then one fa. Wow this book was so fuked up I don t even know where to begin I mean how many times can a person be violated to get the point I wanted to scream on top of my lungs Are you kidding me I completely hate Sophia and for the person she is This is why we have psycho killers in the world doing the things they do because there are people like Sophia that don t stop it This book made me angry and disgusted I wanted to punch someone in the face It was just an emotional rollercoaster and that is why I m giving the book four stars The author brought out the worst emotions in me and any book that can do that deserves four stars Modern Military Aircraft rollercoaster and that is why I m giving the book four stars The author brought out the worst emotions in me and any book that can do that deserves four stars

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Gossamer Faeble #1 review Û 3 Teful night Sophia makes a decision that changes everything and in the darkness that hides nothing learns the dangerous truth about Gossamer about Dex and how he knows so much about her Now she’s left to figure out what it is she wants and whatever her decision it could end up costing her life. I was really excited to read this However it was a little dissapointing The main character Sophia Fee was so unbelievable Every few chapters she was getting the crap beat out of her Why her mother did what she did was never explained The magical book left to her was just left hanging I am guessing that will become clear in the next book Now it had some very good parts The story has so much potential and I will be reading the next book hoping to get some answers like what is the book her mother left her What is Sophia How is it that she was the only student affected by the school zoning change What is up with her foster dad Hopefully I will get my answers in the next book

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