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SUMMARY HeLa Cells of Henrietta Lacks REVIEW Æ HeLa Cells of Henrietta Lacks Nishi Singh Ì 0 REVIEW Rebecca Skloot and her best seller 'The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks' has created a lot of interest in the immortal HeLa cells that were taken from a 31 year old black woman called Henrietta Lacks without her family's consent at the Johns Hopkins Hospital at Balti in 1951 She describes the story of how Henrietta Lacks died and how her cells were sent around the world for medical research She goes through the life stories of Henrietta and the Lacks family and the pain they endured when they found out about Henrietta's cells Skloot's narration of the entire account is powerful emotional painful and even heart breaking Her book has become a notable science reading for high school children and science undergraduates. HeLa Cells by Nishi Singh is an absorbing glimpse into a strange episode in medical history centered on the life and death of Henrietta Lacks A poor black woman in Balti she was diagnosed with cervix cancer and forced to undergo treatment at Johns Hopkins Hospital It was one of the only places in America that would treat indigent Negroes and for good reason In a script taken straight from Mary Shelley the administration used their benevolence as a veneer to conduct medical experiments with modest restriction It turns out that they harvested Lacks cells without due permission and immortalized her in the process To this day researchers are still using HeLa first syllables of her name cells in studies that have surpassed the seventy thousand mark Bane or boon You be the judgeSingh s work is actually a study guide of sorts that encapsulates a previous work by Rebecca Skloot The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Skloot s work focused on the melodrama of the Lacks family s trauma in finding that Henrietta s cells had been harvested and were being distributed for use around the globe It wasn t so much about the breakthroughs they achieved in the battles against a multitude of diseases including leukemia and Parkinson s but about how they weren t given a say in the matter After all they should have made a couple of bucks out of the deal Hopefully Rebecca Skloot is doing as wellPick up a copy of HeLa Cells by Nishi Singh It s not only a great primer and intro to Skloot s book but gives us lots of thought about how one hand washes the other

SUMMARY HeLa Cells of Henrietta Lacks

HeLa Cells of Henrietta Lacks

SUMMARY HeLa Cells of Henrietta Lacks REVIEW Æ HeLa Cells of Henrietta Lacks Nishi Singh Ì 0 REVIEW In the United States And rightly so Henrietta's story is a case of medical racism violation of ethical obligation segregation ignorance poverty and painful American history Today HeLa cells are the most widely used cell line in the world and has been instrumental in many of the world's medical discoveries It was the first cells to be sent to space has helped eradicate polio and has been used in 70000 medical studies including the development of drugs for herpes Parkinson's disease leukaemia and influenzaThe title 'The immortal life of Henriette Lacks' actually refers to the immortalization of cancer cells and we look at how HeLa cells are cultured and are able to divide indefinitely This book looks at the life of H. Heal cells It was an easy book to read Had to read it for my ethics class and it served its purpose well

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SUMMARY HeLa Cells of Henrietta Lacks REVIEW Æ HeLa Cells of Henrietta Lacks Nishi Singh Ì 0 REVIEW Enrietta Lacks and describes HeLa cells in detailTopics covered in this bookTable of contents What are HeLa cells Where did HeLa cells come from Who was Henrietta Lacks Epithelial adenocarcinoma and HeLa Life of Henrietta The family of Henrietta Lacks Dr George Otto Gey The man behind HeLa cells How are HeLa cells grown in culture Why are HeLa cells immortal HeLa cell controversy HeLa genome data use agreement Discoveries made from HeLa cells Ethical issues behind the use of HeLa cells About the book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Review of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot Summary and characteristics of the HeLa cell line Timeline in the life of the HeLa cell References and further readin. A very good brief description of HeLa A good read

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