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How to Turn Your Boss Into Your Employee Summary ☆ 104 characters How to Turn Your Boss Into Your Employee Rying to figure out what’s going on around them This is a time when companies that seemed destined to last forever are crumbling because new ideas are creeping up on them and removing their very foundations from under their feetThe truth is that in these uncertain times your employers need you than ever They need your intellect drive and input but they wouldn’t dare tell or ask you directly because they know they would have to increase your salary Don’t wait for your employer to raise your salary; raise it yourselfIn this book you will find out how to Raise your salary without getting a second job Get residual income even if you leave your job Enjoy your job and make it personally and financially fulfilling Use your future skills for your benefit and not only your employer’s Enjoy time off on vacation with family or friends Break the job routine and start living your life by your rules And much much The world has changed dramatically just over the last decade why not the way we get paid for the job we do This book presents useful and practical information for employees anywhere in the world to raise their own salaries using their employers’ resources on a local or global scaleDon’t miss out on this vital information that can truly change your li.

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How to Turn Your Boss Into Your Employee

How to Turn Your Boss Into Your Employee Summary ☆ 104 characters How to Turn Your Boss Into Your Employee Make More Money Than Your Boss at Your JobYour current job is a platform for the creation of riches not only for your employer but also for you The Industrial Revolution gave us many wonders and raised the global society to unimaginable heights But it also created a dysfunctional labor and remuneration system in which most people employees can’t fully develop personally and professionally because even if you love your job sometimes the money you get in return for your labor just doesn’t make senseFor hundreds of years employees all over the world have been brainwashed to believe that a salary one that doesn’t even keep pace with inflation is the only way they can get paid for the hard work they doThis myth is perpetuated by everyone we interact with parents teachers friends employers the media and society in general But in today’s world where through the power of the mind the Internet and other modern technologies we have resources and self knowledge available to us than entire industries did just a few decades ago it doesn’t have to be this wayYou as an employee grow in talent skills and value to your employer but your salary doesn’t keep pace with your development Your employer uses your present and future skills to create wealth for himself a.

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How to Turn Your Boss Into Your Employee Summary ☆ 104 characters How to Turn Your Boss Into Your Employee Nd his partners while you have to make ends meet with your limited income as your cost of living keeps rising rent mortgage food transportation etcA lot of people will tell you that you should be happy if you have a job in these tough economic times and this is true but very few people will tell you that you can benefit immensely from your employer’s business resources if you stop behaving like an employee and change gears to become an Employeepreneur You can raise your own salary but you need to look at your job with a new set of eyes and use your employer’s resources to your advantagePeter Drucker said “Business has only two functions marketing and innovation” Companies market to get customers and innovate to create products and services However and this is good for you no company on earth has a monopoly on innovation or marketing because they are both based on human creativity and on human capital Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to your employer’s resources products services euipment infrastructure contacts etc to increase the company’s bottom line and also your salaryAll companies need customers and new products and services to stay competitive especially in this day and age when governments companies and all kinds of institutions are t.

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