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Smoke in the Wind Read Ò eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ommt der charmante Produzent wieder nach Australien wo er einen neuen Film drehen möchte In Sydney kreuzen sich ihre Wege und Ryan zeigt ihr deutlich dass er sie nie vergessen hat sie genauso be. My God Whoever says that Harleuin stories are only fluff would definitely have a tough time categorizing this title as such Smoke in the Wind by Robyn Donald is a title that ended up in my TBR pile via a recommendation received from I finally gave into my curiosity and sampled my first Robyn Donald last night and boy did I have a hard time letting the story go to catch some much needed shut eye last night because yes once you start reading this is the sort of book that refuses to let goTelevision reporter Venetia Gamble meets the engimatic and handsome Ryan Fraine whose reputation precedes him as one of the best in her field during a function held to inaugurate the set up of the first private television station in New Zealand Even though the cynicsm that lurkes close to the surface in Ryan s eyes tells Venetia that he is a man best left alone the explosive reaction that he seems to trigger with her baser emotions and seems to return in full makes her a slave to the fulfillment that he alone can give her23 year old Venetia has already learnt the bitter lesson of letting passion rule her life when she had been just 18 years old Fiercely independent and not as sophisticated as she lets on Venetia plays a dangerous game in perfecting the image that she thinks is what Ryan looks for in a woman though her ploy fails miserably when she falls in love with him only to have him fall for Venetia s innocent and serene cousin ElizabethSix year later Venetia has made a life for herself and her five year old son John at her grandmother s place in Austalia And it is here that Ryan comes to seek her out having bought the rights for her book which is to be made into a movie by the man himself Elizabeth having passed away a year back Ryan once again starts the dangerous cat and mouse game that they had played before with the passion that swirls between them stronger than ever refusing to be denied even if giving in is the furthest thing Venetia wantsWith their son to consider Ryan proposes that she marry him and give him the opportunity to once and for all slake the uncontrollable hunger that rules them both given half the chance But the hurt and betrayal from 6 years back when Ryan had shattered the very foundation of her being when he had cruelly ended things with her has left its mark on Venetia who is ever cautious and fools herself into thinking that she would ever be able to say no where Ryan is concernedSmoke in the Wind is an intense read that reuires a lot from the reader and I revelled in the heady sensations that coursed through me every single minute of the story Ryan is a hero that is hard to get on board with his cruel treatment of Venetia because he can t accept the fact that he is vulnerable to her as she is to him hard to accept Still I found myself fascinated with his character and came to understand what it is that drives him to be his meanest when he is around VenetiaVenetia on the other hand is strong fiesty and independent and vulnerable to the very core where Ryan is concerned Though she gives as good as she gets she is no match for the strong connection that is between her and Ryan and has withstood the test of time distance and immense betrayal and once again it is Venetia that opens up herself to the possibility that this time around with maturity and past mistakes to guide her she would be able to reap the benefits of Ryan s affections even if he might never come to love her as he did for his first wifeIf Robyn Donald writes all her stories with unapologetic honesty as this one I am already a fan as Smoke in the Wind is a romance that fans of ruthless alpha heroes and fans of Harleuin romances ought not to miss I would have loved to see Ryan brought to his knees and maybe see him grovel a little hell a lot but I suppose a gal can t have everything she wantsMemorable uotes He smelled so good of warm aroused male And taste On his probing tongue in his mouth lingered the faint essence of the wine they had had for dinner but mostly her mouth accepted his own special flavour potent exciting precious than the best vintage champagne And the feel of him the hard powerful muscles so pleasurably contrasted with the smooth flowing silk of the skin over them a magnificent masculine dichotomy which conuered all that was feminine in her You he repeated his voice heavy and hard shaking with emotion he no longer troubled to hide I took one look at you and knew that that was it I d spent the last six years with hunger for you eating at my heart Rating45 Original review posted on MBR s Realm of Romance

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Smoke in the Wind Read Ò eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Gehrt wie damals Venetia zögert doch dann sagt sie Ja Wenigstens einmal noch möchte sie mit Ryan den Zauber der Liebe genießen Auch wenn sie nicht wagt von einer gemeinsamen Zukunft zu träume. I am at a loss as to what I want to rate this one It s either a 2 or a 4Lots of the angst and drama that I love 4 but on the other hand I did not feel that the hero s past justified his cruel actions 2 The heroine had issues a failed marriage and pregnancy at 18 and was stronger because of them I can t say the same for the hero and his issue no love from mommy

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Smoke in the Wind Read Ò eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Mit Ryan kehren heftige Gefühle in Venetias Leben zurück Vor Jahren hatten sie eine stürmische Affäre und bis heute hat sie ihm verschwiegen dass sie einen gemeinsamen Sohn haben Doch jetzt k. 3 loved to hate it starsI ve been avoiding this one for a while It s infamous in HP circles However it is so memorable because it is hard to put down and has a lot of angst a plot that s uniue in HP land and a Hero that will make you want to smash his face in with a large stick of wood covered in lots of prickly splinters soaked in poison ivy juice I ve thought hard about thisSeriously this guy was right up there with the hero from Shattered Dreams for misogyny and general ass hatteryHere s my spoilery take if anyone is interested I know this one has been discussed to deathview spoilerThe heroine Venetia lost her virginity to a charming and handsome young man when they were both in their late teens It would have likely been just a life lesson had she not turned up pregnant and been pressured to marry by her aunt and uncle who raised her The marriage was brief and unhappy husband was very resentful and childish and ended when she miscarriedVenetia moved on with her life Wiser and much leery when it came to men She focused on her career as a news reporter Then she meets the hero Ryan He s a successful film director and older than her and she falls completely under his spell She sees him as an experienced wordly sophisticated man and therefore doesn t exactly disabuse him of the notion that she s very experienced She thinks he prefers a experienced worldly woman Pig that he is he assumes that since she s a divorcee she s been giving it away like candy on HalloweenAnyway they have a very stormy passionate affair Ryan is often a total ass because in his own words he has a puritan streak shudders He can t uite accept a relationship where the sexual attraction is so overpowering And obviously it s the fault of the heroine cold hearted career woman temptress bitch that she is The H has mommy issues His mother was someone who neglected him for her career Sounds like she just wasn t cut out for motherhood but the H interprets it as working woman badThen he meets the h s cousin Sweet innocent Elizabeth Personally I thought she was self centered and incapable of seeing the world beyond her rose colored glasses but seems that only myself and her grandmother shared that opinion Well later the H did as well but he was still protective of her since she was so sweet PukeThe cousin and Venetia look a lot alike and the cousin is all about being a June Cleaver type of woman so Ryan decides to ditch the cold hearted slut and marry the purer model who won t work and will dedicate her life to pleasing him and popping out babies sadly she s barren But he does make sure he s extremely cruel and has rough hate sex with Venetia first What a guyThe hate sex resulted in pregnancy Venetia didn t realize this until she d left New Zealand to stay with her grandmother in Australia because she needed a place to lick her wounds and not be subjected to Elizabeth and her ex being all lovey dovey The family in New Zealand also decide that it s for the best that she not reveal her pregnancy or return to Australia since that would upset poor little Elizabeth who was going to marry Ryan Poor Elizabeth s happy little world was already tarnished a bit because she d betrayed her cousin by stealing her man imagine what it would do to her if she also knew the cousin had Ryan s child YOU CAN T UPSET ELIZABETH That s the point of the book She reminded me of that week kneed twit Melanie from the Gone With the Wind movie Five years later Elizabeth dies and a year after that Ryan turns up on Venetia s doorstep in Australia with the excuse that he wants to work with her on turning a book she wrote into a film Actually he knows about the child and wants Venetia back since the lovely fam back in New Zealand fessed up now that dear Elizabeth can no longer be harmed by the truthTurns out his marriage to dear Elizabeth wasn t so fabulous after all cry me a river He liked her as a friend but realized he should have married Venetia instead Still he was determined NOT TO UPSET ELIZABETH and stayed in the marriage anyway even though he was supposedly pining after VenetiaLong story short it was all Venetia s fault She should have told him she was not as experienced as he d assumed and she should have told him about the pregnancy so he wouldn t have married Elizabeth in the first place Yeah he apologizes here and there for being such a bastard but it s always tainted with a heavy dose of you made me do it I sorta wish he d never found out the truth about her lack of sexual experience since it galled him so much to love such a slut then again for the sake of her sanity it was best that he knew so he could uit throwing it up in her face and being such a bastard as I doubt he was capable of growing up and dealing Then again she should have hit him with the poisoned splintery stick and ran for the hills hide spoiler

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