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The Bellmaker review × eBook or Kindle ePUB read The Bellmaker Lers set off at once to aid them  As they push over land and sea they cannot know the terrible threats they face  Will the Bellmaker and his companions arrive in time to help Mariel and Dand. The Bellmaker written by Brian Jacues is part of the Redwall series This book is about Joseph the Bellmaker trying to find his daughter and her companion The protagonists are Joseph the Bellmaker Mariel Joseph s daughter and Warriormaid of Redwall and Dandin Mariel s companion The antagonists are Urgan Nagru the Foxwolf and Silvamord his mate Joseph doesn t know where Mariel and Dandin are and it s been four seasons since they left Abbot Saxtus and the Redwallers have no clue either Then one night Joseph gets a dream from Martin the Warrior who is the Warrior and founder of Redwall This dream tells Joseph that Mariel and Dandin are in trouble With no time to lose Joseph sets off with five companions and the Guosim which stands for Guerrilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower to find the two Meanwhile Urgan Nagru and Silvamord have captured Castle Floret in Southsward which is south of Redwall and Mossflower Urgan Nagru had also captured Gael Suirrelking and ueen Serena rulers of Southsward Rab Streambattle the Suirrelking s friend plans an escape but only ueen Serena and a few others escaped while the Suirrelking remained captive and Rab and Muta a blind badger were killedor were thought to be In Mossflower Abbot Saxtus tries to ask the Guosim s leader Log a Log to help Joseph and the companions but Log a Log says that their shrew logboats can t handle the rough seas Thus Log a Log and Joseph consult Finnbarr Galedeep a sea otter that helps them find and steal a ship With the ship named the Pearl ueen Joseph the Redwallers the Guosim and Finnbarr set off for Southsward In Southsward Mariel and Dandin along with a hedgehog named Bowly Pintips find a hare named Meldrum the Magnificent As ueen Serena and the others escape Mariel Dandin and Meldrum defend them against Urgan Nagru and his horde of rats but end up being captured In prison they find Gael Suirrelking and a shrike named Glokkpod With the otters help from Southsward Mariel Dandin Meldrum Glokkpod and Gael escape the castle but Mariel gets separated from the group while escaping In the castle she finds Muta and Rab alive At sea the Pearl ueen finally reaches Southsward With help from otters the crew of the Pearl ueen set off for Castle Floret Meanwhile Dandin Meldrum Bowly and Gael build an army to battle the rat hordes Inside the castle Mariel with the help of Muta and Rab captures the drawbridge The crew of the Pearl ueen Dandin and Meldrum arrive and help Mariel fight the rats Outside the war starts between the Southsward creatures and the Foxwolf s rat hordes Who will win the war What happened next Will Mariel Joseph Dandin and Finnbarr Galedeep be able to stop Urgan Nagru and Silvamord If you want to find out then you should read the book The theme of this story is to always trust and help others In the book all the characters help each other to overcome all challenges Even the antagonists Urgan Nagru and Silvamord work together to battle and capture Castle Floret Mariel Dandin and Bowly Pintips all help each other to battle the rats Joseph and his five companions along with the Guosim and Finnbarr help each other sail the Pearl ueen to reach Southsward This theme greatly affects the protagonists and it actually keeps them alive Without trusting each other Mariel and Dandin would have never been able to fight the rat hordes I would rate this book on a scale of one to five four and a half stars The book was great very compelling and it makes you keep reading on and on You won t want to stop The book is not as interesting as some of the previous Redwall books but it s pretty good anyway I recommend this book to anyone with a sense of adventure action and a bit of war This would be a good book for ages ten to thirteen

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The Bellmaker review × eBook or Kindle ePUB read The Bellmaker Hem since  Then one night in a dream the legendary Martin the Warrior comes to the Bellmaker with a mysterious message  Clearly Mariel and Dandin are in grave danger  Joseph and four Redwal. As much as I dislike Mariel of Redwall The Bellmaker the seuel to Mariel is probably one of the better books in the series It has that nice focus that Martin the Warrior had despite its many characters and viewpoints and the typical Irrelevant Redwall Sideplot was made interesting by the inclusion of a good vermin BlaggutBlaggut is one of the only vermin characters in the series that is a friend to the Redwallers There are a couple of others but he s the one that stands out the most to me when I think of good vermin The sideplot involving him and Slipp is interesting and like I mentioned above makes the Redwall portion of the book bearable I also loved the implication that evil must be and will be defeated by good The Redwall series has a great aspect on justice that a lot of other books don t haveThe only thing that really marred this book for me was perhaps the most obvious example of retconning in the Redwall series namely Rufe Brush In Mariel of Redwall Rufe was a strong silent older suirrel who was a leader in the battle against Graypatch He hung around with Oak Tom and the older Redwallers as opposed to the younger ones like Dandin Saxtus and Durry However in this book Rufe suddenly changes into this really timid young suirrel who seems younger than Durry Dandin et al rather than older and who seems to have no knowledge of fighting or courage or anything It s like the two Rufes are two completely different characters I much preferred the Mariel Rufe as this one was way too whiny

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The Bellmaker review × eBook or Kindle ePUB read The Bellmaker It has been four seasons since Mariel the warrior mouse daughter of Joseph the Bellmaker and her companion Dandin set off from Redwall to fight evil in Mossflower  Nothing has been heard of t. This was very much enjoyable All the tangled plot was very fun as was the assorted dialects naturally

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