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  • The Empire and the Five Kings
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  • 08 October 2018
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The Empire and the Five Kings characters Ú 100 Till recognized their importance at home and abroadBut as Bernard Henri Lévy lays bare in this powerful and disturbing analysis of the world today America is retreating from its traditional leadership role and in its place have come five ambitious powers former empires eager to assert their primacy and influence Lévy shows how these five Russia China Turkey Iran and Sunni radical Islamism are taking steps to undermine the liberal values that have been a hallmark of Western civiliza. Picked up on impulse from the new book shelf at the library So far it s a great deal of inflated rhetoric from M Levy who uickly lets us know he s a Big Deal as a European intellectual While I agree with what I think are his main points his extravagant rhetoric is truly distracting On hiatus and likely headed for an early DNFThe review I like here is by Todd This book could have easily been compacted to the length of an article in the Atlantic Instead we are presented with hundreds of pages of the author trying to immodestly impress upon the reader that the author is indeed the most interesting man in the world

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The Empire and the Five Kings characters Ú 100 One of the West’s leading intellectuals offers a provocative look at America’s withdrawal from world leadership and the rising powers who seek to fill the vacuum left behindThe United States was once the hope of the world a beacon of freedom and the defender of liberal democracy Nations and peoples on all continents looked to America to stand up for the values that created the Western worldand to oppose autocracy and repression Even when America did not live up to its ideals it s. BHL is one of my favorite active practising intellectuals and philosophers His latest is a great reminder for those of us who believe in American Exceptionalism and a great reminder that others in the world who are at risk do as wellAmerica s abandoning the international field leaves it to the revival of the international nihilists of the five kingdoms Russia China Turkey Saudi Arabia and Iran Where life liberty and humanity are at riskLife liberty and fraternity

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The Empire and the Five Kings characters Ú 100 TionThe Empire and the Five Kings is a cri de coeur that draws upon lessons from history and the eternal touchstones of human culture to reveal the stakes facing the West as America retreats from its leadership role a process that did not begin with Donald Trump's presidency and is not likely to end with him The crisis is one whose roots can be found as far back as antiuity and whose resolution will reuire the West to find a new way forward if its principles and values are to survive. I really enjoyed this book It s an interesting insight into the state of the world made by an astute observer of AmericaLevy s basic premise is that the United States is sleeping while five totalitarian kings Saudi Arabia Russia Turkey China and Iran are running roughshod gobbling up the world or at least the Middle East and sowing the seeds of future conflicts He is particularly outraged by the fates of Syrian Kurds who led the ground war against Isis only to be abandoned by the American commander in chief and left to the infinitesimal mercies of three of the kings Turkey Iran and the House of SaudLevy provides some interesting insights on American culture and its place in the world He points out that Americans will never build anything permanent which I disagreed with at first but then took a look at my own shape shifting town and realized the truth Americans don t speak with the wisdom of centuries sad nor do we expect our ideas and works to endure for centuries not a bad way to be IMO We just live life as we wish to here without ever closing the door to moving there at some point in the futureIn general I felt that Levy like most European observers overestimates the desire of voting Americans to step in and fix the world s problems militarily There is still a strong military culture here but a lessening desire to do the bidding of almost every country but tiny little Israel To me let someone else stop these kings in their tracks Why not France or India for a change