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SUMMARY î Tolkien A Look Behind The Lord of the Rings Lin Carter ¼ 1 SUMMARY E in the epic poetry of the ancient world thru the heroic poetry of the Dark the prose romances of the Middle Ages down to the fairy tales ghost stories gothic novels of the early modern era the rediscovery of the genre by writers of the 19 20th centuries prior to contemporary with Tolkien The origins of the modern genre are discovered in the writings of Wm Morris Lord Dunsany ER Eddison followed thru the works of authors they influenced including HP Lovecraft Fletcher Pratt L Sprague de Camp Mervyn Peake Carter next highlights some of Tolkien's particular debts to his predecessors tracing the motifs names he utilizes back to their beginnings in Norse mythology highlighting other echoes in his work deriving from legend history Finally noted is Tolkien's influence on contemporary fantasy which was just beginning to make itself felt primarily in the juvenile fantasies of Carol Kendall Alan Garner Lloyd Alexande. Good account of the fantasy novels myths etc that came before and influence the writing of Tolkien s Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit books It made me want to read some of those but I have not read all of them I really enjoy Tolkien but I did not like what was done with the Hobbit movies expanding a single charming book into a trilogy of films with a lot added I mostly liked the LOTR trilogy of films though even with some things changed

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Tolkien A Look Behind The Lord of the Rings

SUMMARY î Tolkien A Look Behind The Lord of the Rings Lin Carter ¼ 1 SUMMARY Tolkien A Look Behind The Lord of the Rings is a study of the works of JRR Tolkien written by Lin Carter It was 1st published in paper by Ballantine in 369 went thru numerous additional printings It was among the earliest full length critical works devoted to Tolkien's fantasies the 1st to set his writings in their proper context in the history of fantasy It was the earliest of three studies by Carter devoted to fantasyhorror writers the history of fantasy being followed by Lovecraft A Look Behind the Cthulhu Mythos '72 Imaginary Worlds The Art of Fantasy '73 establishing him as an authority on the genre indirectly leading to his editorial guidance of the Ballantine Adult Fantasy series Gollancz published a cloth edition updated by Adam Roberts in 803 The study serves as an introduction for those unfamiliar with Tolkien's work An introduction briefly reviews the publishing phenomenon of The Lord of the Rings. Lin Carter Tolkien A Look Behind the Lord of the Rings Ballantine 1969Forget the title Carter s book has about as much to do with Lord of the Rings as Silence of the Lambs actually has to do with lambs They get mentioned now and again but are really uite unnecessary to what s going onCarter s interesting little tome is actually of an encapsulated history of fantasy literature up to the time of Tolkien the sources from which Tolkien got his ideas LOTR serves as a convenient linchpin and a good jumping off point but Carter is truly in his own when he s discussing the Elder Edda or the epics of Homer and his contemporaries and tracing how the stories got from the ancient texts into Tolkien s hands It leaves behind a wealth of wonderful reading material for the interested fantasy reader to track down assuming most of it can be found Carter laments that many of the works of which he speaks have been lost to the ages and this is its chief strength As for weaknesses well there really aren t any Carter spends too much time summing up LOTR when he could be telling us about Egyptian legends and he makes a number of guesses about things in LOTR since The Silmarillion hadn t been published yet and for all its annoyances The Silmarillion did answer a whole lot of uestions about the First Age but it s impossible to count that against Carter and still remain fair I d just liked to have seen of the old stuff and less of the new


SUMMARY î Tolkien A Look Behind The Lord of the Rings Lin Carter ¼ 1 SUMMARY Its popularity in the wake of the 1st paper editions in the '60s after which he devotes three chapters to a short biography of the author thru the late '60s including an account of how it was written Four chapters explaining Middle earth summarizing the stories of The Hobbit the three volumes of The Lord of the Rings follow for the benefit of readers who may not have actually read the works Carter next turns to the uestion of what the works are a point of some confusion at the time The then current vogue for realistic fiction provided critics with few tools for evaluating an out out fantasy on its own terms Attempts to deconstruct it as a satire or allegory were rife Carter firmly debunks these efforts supporting his argument by drawing on Tolkien's own published ruminations on fantasy's functions purposes He then contextualizes the works by sketching the history of written fantasy from its earliest appearanc. This study in Tolkien was readable from the beginning to the very end It is simple yet serious I learned a lot of interesting facts and ideas about Tolkien s work I know there are many studies in Tolkien s work that are new expansive and detailed but this work is really nice exactly because of its simplicity Also the interesting fact is that Carter wrote and published this book before the publishing of Silmarillion and the death of JRRT so you can find many interesting ideas Carter had confirmed of disproved by time uite nice reading

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