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Uncle Charles Girls Free read è 104 Consent and explicitly described anal sex It was originally published as chapters 1 5 of Uncle Charles' Girls on Bethany's Woodshed However these chapters have been edited and expanded and in addition the book now contains two new chapters never published elsewhere Book Length 6 chapters 32800 words sample chaptersUncle Charles' Girls also contains a full chapter excerpt from Uncle Charles' Brides coming in August 2012 from Blushing Books and an introduction by Alice Liddell plus an extra long three chapter excerpt from Alice's new BDSM romance Straits Academy coming in September 2012 from Blushing Books. Ms Randolph now has a big fan I really enjoyed this one It is about an Uncle who ends up responsible for two young girls 1819 and wishes them to behave appropriately He hires a governess and puts them in pinafore s that are for 12 year old girls then girls who are at the ripe age of 18 or After witnessing a friend s sisters physical punishment and humiliation Charles has always wanted to do that to a girl who belonged to him When he gets his two girls he really means to make them proper young ladies Of course they don t want to follow any old fashioned rules and so they turn to their old school girl friend who was recently married Fortunately for Charles their friends husband also believed in discipline for his wife This one is yummy if you like the kind of forced schoolgirl CP type thing Which I do of course it s fantasy The CP scenes are great and the scene with the friend and her husband is super sizzling There are a few flow issues but nothing that detracted for me I cannot wait for the next one

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Uncle Charles Girls Free read è 104 Ng ladies bared and birched by their father Since then it has been the ambition of his life to somehow obtain a well born ward to discipline as he pleases uickly Clara and Louise fall afoul of their guardian and the severe German governess he has hired Uncle Charles' Girls is destined to become a classic It returns you to another era – a time of corsets and bloomers of strict governesses and severe Uncles no nonsense husbands and birch rods Be warned Uncle Charles' Girls is an authentic piece of Victorian erotica It contains explicit BDSM themes severe punishment by spanking and birching dubious and non. Young women treated like young girls Forced to have a strict governess and also be spanked and birched How can I not like this book Well the book was decent The first half of the story was too slow for me I really wanted to skip to the good parts where the spanking commencedClara and Louise are related loosely not through direct blood Due to a series of unfortunate deaths they end up with Louise s older 12 half brother taken them in as his wards They figured they d have Charles wrapped around their finger Not so Charles believes in domestic discipline and does he love to spanking and birching women This story was kinky hot and enjoyable I really only enjoyed the last half where there was not only spankings but forced anal sex Yummy Chloe pulled into Clara and Louise s shenanigans was a much chastised wife The story ends right as it gets goodApparently the follow up book to this has tasty sex mixed with the discipline That s what I want to read I also enjoy the forced childish dressing I hope they keep the governess for the girls because it amuses me greatly for them to be humiliated in this manner Recommended for spanking enthusiast who also enjoy a little bit of ageplay

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Uncle Charles Girls Free read è 104 London England – 1894From Anne Randolph author of Amanda Von Steuben comes another trip back into timeClara and Louise forced to leave their school when it closes due to the death of the headmistress come to London to live with their bachelor guardian Charles Wellington The young women expect to enter the social whirl of parties and fashion without delay After all they reason what can a stodgy bachelor know of raising young ladies A great deal it turns out Charles Wellington is a lover of the birch rod having been exposed to its use as a young man when as a house guest he witnessed three unfortunate you. If you have a bit of a thing for spanking and punishment Uncle Charles Girls should be at the very top of your to read list Although penned approximately ten years ago this little novella was only available via a private membership site until it was published as an eBook in June of this year and I can only thank Alice Liddell who wrote the foreword for encouraging Randolph to make this story widely availableTo say that Uncle Charles Girls got me hot and bothered would be something of an understatement It literally had me suirming in my seat and I mean that in a good way Such was its impact sorry couldn t resist that I had to lock myself in the bedroom during and after reading it Windows were steamed Sheets were wrinkledSet in Victorian England the story focuses on eighteen year old Lady Clara Smithson and nineteen year old Lady Louise Wellington Although not related by blood an unfortunate series of events throws the girls uite unexpectedly into the guardianship of Louise s half brother Charles otherwise known as Baron Cladwell Louise has little knowledge of her half brother having had no real contact with him during the course of her life and both she and Clara are extremely curious about the man who is to oversee the remainder of their education and their introduction to society Never in their wildest dreams or nightmares however do they imagine that the Baron has a decided predilection for birching and that he intends to discipline their bare youthful bottoms whenever the opportunity presents itselfCharles can t believe his good fortune at having two pretty young women whom he can cane at his leisure fall into his hands It all seems too good to be true and is the ultimate realisation of a fantasy that he has harboured for nearly fourteen years One of the aims of Charles life became obtaining a well bred young woman to raise a young woman whose chastisement would be under his direct supervision However Charles always felt that this aim would never be realised and that his love of the rod would be manifested only in the occasional discipline of a housemaid He could have hired a whore certainly who would have been happy to play for a price but this Charles found offensive Only truly deserved punishment of a downcast apprehensive miscreant chastisement earned through genuine misbehavior was interesting to Charles Despite weighing in at just 115 pages Uncle Charles Girls packs a hefty punch The pace is good and the discipline scenes are off the charts erotic Anne Randolph s imagery is brilliant and the explicit descriptions of the various birchings and spankings enacted in the novella are breathtaking The build up to each is carefully done and it is oh so easy not to mention enjoyable to picture in your mind s eye the encounters taking place It s very much a skirts up drawers down affair and the titillation is firmly rooted in the descriptive voyeuristic detail Reluctantly slowly sniffing audibly the girls reached under their full skirts and petticoats and gathered them up and around Within seconds the three of them stood holding a froth of dark skirt and white petticoats around their waists bare from hip down to just above their knees where their plain dark stockings were gartered with simple ribbons Charles is a wonderfully drawn character and his enthusiasm for the birch rod fairly leaps off the pages There s undoubtedly a sense of outrage on the part of the reader for treating his charges in the way that he does using them inappropriately to obtain his own sexual gratification but his actions are skilfully offset by the erotic landscape created by Randolph s words And as Alice Liddell points out in her foreword In the Victorian period in which the story is set many young ladies did actually live under precisely the sort of supervision described in these pages And if a husband felt it necessary to correct his wife with physical chastisement this was both legally permitted and socially condoned In the entirety of the book there are only two penetrative scenes neither of which involve either Clara or Louise but this doesn t mean that Uncle Charles Girls is lacking in sexual charge If you re a bit of a fan of impact play or the idea of it gives you lovely butterflies in your stomach you should definitely be making a date with Uncle Charles Make no mistake though this book is not for the faint of heart If you re at all offended by raw language including the c word euphemistic Victorian names for body parts explicit anatomical descriptions or the idea of BDSM style punishment leaves you cold this may not be a good choice for you Per the product description warning Uncle Charles Girls is an authentic piece of Victorian erotica It contains explicit BDSM themes severe punishment by spanking and birching dubious consent and explicitly described anal sex And just to touch on the explicitly described anal sex referenced above there is a brilliant little Author s Note at the end of the novella which cites the following historical source for Dr Young s Rectal Dilators best bit Uncle Charles Girls has a seuel Uncle Charles Brides scheduled for release this AugustCan t wait