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Summary Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Frank Miller Batman The Dark Knight Master Race Read å 104 Girl #1 Dark Knight Universe Presents Lara #1 Dark Knight Universe Presents World’s Finest #1 Dark Knight Universe Presents Strange Adventures #1 Dark Knight Universe Presents Detective Comics #1 y Dark Knight Universe Presents Action Comics. I gave up on this at about 70 pages or so I didn t realize when I reuested this from Edelweiss that it was 3 I think I m supposed to know what s going on here already but I don t This is my fault and not the fault of the book author or artist I just couldn t figure it out starting from here No rating

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Batman The Dark Knight Master Race

Summary Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Frank Miller Batman The Dark Knight Master Race Read å 104 Una nueva guerra está comenzando Un ejército de poder inimaginable comandado por la propia hija de Superman se está preparando para reclamar a la Tierra como su nuevo mundoLa única fuerza capaz de detener a esta raza superior Batman está m. The lightning can strike twice I bought this in its single comic book issues but I d chosen this TPB edition to be able of making a better overall review This TPB edition collects DK III The Master Race 1 9Creative TeamWriters Frank Miller Brian AzzarelloIllustrator Andy KubertInker Klaus JansonColors Brad Anderson FOUR TO RETURN THREE STRIKES NINE MASTERY When Frank Miller did the first delivery in this saga The Dark Knight Returns in four parts back then in 1986 he got back the character of Batman to his original grim gritty roots when he was created in 1939 becoming a staple in Batman literature one of the best graphic novels ever madeHowever when Frank Miller returns to make the seuel The Dark Knight Strikes Again this time in three parts in 2002 well everything went wrong even the absence of Klaus Janson in the inks was felt since not only the writing didn t work but not even the artwork was in the least any acceptable So having one masterpiece and one crmmhaahmediocre work two extremes in the bar of comic book uality it was impossible to bet how the third delivery would result But I knew that for better or worse I couldn t just let it pass since deep in my soul I still had hope that the lightning would strike in the good way againand happily it didThis time Frank Miller now in 2017 in DK III The Master Race it was needed nine parts to make it possible to be a success at least in my humble opinion Miller got the cooperation of Brian Azzarello to bring order to the mess resulted in the second volume and even good ol Klaus Janson returns to bring his priceless detail in the inks that along the new addition of Andy Kubert at the pencils definitely it s a gorgeous book to look at and with Miller and Azzarello writing also a delight to read BATMAN AND THE WHOLE WORLD I can t lie that I could wish a totally Batman focused story without involving the rest of DC Universe Frank Miller did outstanding jobs in The Dark Knight Returns Batman Year One using only the already vast Batman inner universe BUT after those in works like The Dark Knight Strikes Again All Star Batman Robin the Boy Wonder it seemed like Miller was unable to deliver Batman tales without having to involve the Justice League and the rest of DC Universe that if the the titles would clearly indicate Justice League I wouldn t complain much but if you put just Batman in the title well you d expect that it should be a story about Batman and his direct related charactersHere it isn t any different BUT the good side was that finally it worked Maybe NOT as a Batman story per se BUT it worked as a good Justice League story having Batman in a pivotal roleThe brave and the bold move here it was that Azzarello helped Miller to prove that his expanded universe that it was just awful in The Dark Knight Strikes Again it can work with the proper adjustments SUPERMAN BATMAN THE WORLD S FINESTAGAIN Since the first volume it was famous for the battle between Batman and Superman and it was clear that the lineament by DC in its universe post Crisis it was that Superman and Batman should fight all the possible times I can understand that they have very opposite ways to see life and how to impart justice but I am old school my first contact with those two characters where in Silver Age comics and Super Friends cartoons so to me they were allies the were friends they were the world s finestSo I am thrilled to see that finally they are buddies again they still have different points of view but friendship isn t about cloned thinking friendship is about mutual respect by the ideas of the other CARRIE KELLEY A DARK KNIGHT ON HER OWN Carrie KelleyRegular Teenager Self appointed sidekick Robin Catgirl Batman Batgirl Batwoman PartnerShe was introduced in The Dark Knight Returns and since then we have been able to watch her growing up in one of the most difficult places to do that Gotham City and she proved that she was the one to be the stone where Bruce Wayne can lean on trusting that she d take the best call on each situation even if that decision wasn t the one that Bruce Wayne would take Batman s sidekicks wasn t about having help in the now but finding someone able to take his legacy in the future Not matter how much times Bruce Wayne would cheat death on his own making or by the actions of others but sooner or later he knows that he ll need to give up his cowl to someone elseand Carrie is that one No a single doubt about itBecause she won t be the same as goodshe will be even betterShe wasn t recruited by The BatmanThe Batman was recruited by her SO WHAT THE HECK IS THIS ABOUT In this third volume of Frank Miller s Dark Knight the humankind is facing the threat of new kind of master race a religious zealot army of Kryptonians with the goal of becoming our new godsAnd if that wasn t bad enoughLara the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman is taking the side of the evil KryptoniansLara wasn t raised by humble farmers in Kansas Lara was trained by her mother to be the best possible warrior and Lara is too aware that she is superior than any She is offered stop meddling between the Earth s ants and taking her rightful place above us way up in the skyThe Batman has been retired again for several time but in the light of this new global menacethe Dark Knight is needed againHowever even Batman will need all the possible assistance on thisthe Justice League is needed againBut the team is broken each member is broken on their own ways and the zealot Kryptonians are swift blunt and merciless so they ll be taken apart and beatenhardtoo hardThe world is on its darkest hour so it will need all the possible hope willpower courage speed commitment and intelligenceeven in the smallest representation

Summary Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Frank Miller

Summary Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Frank Miller Batman The Dark Knight Master Race Read å 104 UertoLarga vida al nuevo BatmanIncluye Dark Knight III The Master Race #1 9 Dark Knight Universe Presents The Atom #1 Dark Knight Universe Presents Wonder Woman #1 Dark Knight Universe Presents Green Lantern #1 Dark Knight Universe Presents Bat. Better than DKR 2 But could anything be worse than that mess but not as good as the original This is almost a World s Finest comic focusing mainly on Batman and Superman Some of the characters were very one dimensional especially all the villains The text speak drove me nuts I had to translate each line in my head to English and none of it ultimately matters to the story Frank Miller s art in the backups is wildly inconsistent The early issues which weren t inked look like blown up thumbnails The lack of detail is awful But once Klaus Jansen comes in to do inks Miller s art becomes much palatable Andy Kubert knocks it out of the park He s got this nice concise style and once Klaus Janson inks it it does remind you of the art in Dark Knight Returns

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