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Boystown 9: Lucky Days (Boystown Mysteries) Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Oesnt help he turns to private investigator Nick Nowak Meanwhile the trial of Outfit kingpin Jimmy English begins uickly the case begins to un. For once the final sentence in a novel made me happy Why Because it indicated a tenth book was a certaintyIn preparation for reading Marshall s latest Nick Nowak novel I listened to the first six in audiobook again and reread the last two That ensured that I was up to speed on Nick s private life and his ongoing connection with the mob boss Jimmy EnglishEach book is complete and satisfying but together they are an outstanding collection of detective fictionThe characters are well fleshed out as usual with many of my favourites returningAlongside two mystery plot lines one ongoing one separate for this book we get the continued chronological look into how AIDS impacted the lives and love of gay menOnce again the city of Chicago itself plays a starring role permeating every scene whether it be the cold or in this case the heatWe also get a glimpse of Las Vegas through Nick s jet lagged eyesHis budding relationship with the ex priest Joseph continues and this culminated in the loading of a big plot gun on the wall which is sure to go off in the next bookI can t waitI thoroughly recommend this series

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Boystown 9: Lucky Days (Boystown Mysteries) Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ravel when an important witness goes missing and Nick must put his other cases and his home life on hold while he goes to Las Vegas to find hi. Couldn t stop reading this 9 book series Can t wait for the next Well crafted characters and accurate 1980s setting that brings home alot of memories Some poignant for sure Highly recommended

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Boystown 9: Lucky Days (Boystown Mysteries) Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook In the ninth book of the bestselling mystery series a young man wakes up covered in blood and no memory of the previous night When hypnotism d. Nine books are a lot I should be leery of these series that go on forever like a soap opera that lasts for20 yearsWhen I read the three novellas that made up the very first Boystown book I encountered something I hadn t read in years Nick Nowak was not a romantic guy and Chicago in the early 1980s was not the gay friendly city that gay millennials think of it as It was also the moment when a mysterious illness began to attack gay men in America s big cities in their gay ghettos where they thought they were safe Correction where we thought we were safe All of this made for an unsettling kind of book that at first I wasn t sure I wanted to readYet Thornton s cool journalistic style hooked me I grew to care about Nick s surprisingly kind and vulnerable soul under its veneer of cynical hard bitten ex cop Thornton wove a double barreled story intertwining Nick s professional life and his personal life mixing murder with emotional turmoil He s followed that basic format through the entire series and what makes it such a success is that Nick has become a very different man than the one we met in the first storyThis ninth episode in the saga of Nick Nowak Lucky Days finds our hero in well a happy place He talks warmly about his domestic set up with Joseph the ex priest his friend Ross seems to be doing well on his daily buffet of medications and the teenaged Terry is also doing well living with Harker s mother and spending uality time with his older gay role models in Nick and Joseph s apartment Life is goodBut there are dark linings in this silver cloud Jimmy English Nick s sometime employer who is a bigtime mobster while pretending not to be is about to go on trial bringing together various threads that have run through most of the series The central plot of the book is Nick having to fly to Las Vegas to bring back a missing witness in Jimmy s trial The second mystery is a young gay black man named Nello who wakes up with blood all over his clothes and wants Nick to find out what happenedNello s mystery is an exploration of gay life in Black Chicago and the Las Vegas gambit becomes an almost comic caperroad trip Almost The whole long relationship between Nick and Jimmy English is put under the microscope in this book and finally the discomfort every reader must have felt about it all along comes to a head in a rather startling wayThere are other shadows on Nick s happiness in Lucky Days Nick and Joseph love each other well and truly but there are their Friday cheat nights a term Joseph doesn t like and with which Nick interestingly isn t entirely comfortable And then there s Ross who despite his improvement still has AIDS and everybody knows what that means All of this is under the shadow of Ronald Reagan s presidency and the rud development of an HIV test so that Nick and Joseph and all their friends can find out whether they have it or not Woo hooI so desperately want Nick to be happy Not because happy endings are all I want but because Nick has by book 9 proven that he deserves happiness He may dress without much style he may smoke too much and drink too much but we love the big lug He s our heroAt nine volumes we don t want Nick s story to end and Marshall Thornton makes sure we know on the last page that it won t be the last pageWoo hoo for real

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