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characters Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Leon Uris The Haj by Leon Uris characters Ø 0 Leon Uris retums to the land of his acclaimed  best seller Exodus for an epic  story of hate and love vengeance and forgiveness and  forgiveness The Midd. On a purely aesthetic level I enjoyed this book Judging it purely as a novel I d rate it higher I like Uris s writing style and the plot drew me in But as a work of historical fiction it scores lower for me Without knowing enough about the Arab Israeli conflict to be able to specifically dispute any of the historical analysis implied by the story I came away feeling that the it couldn t be anything other than biased As I recall it the Jews come off as nobler people entirely wronged and victimized whereas the Arabs are depicted as having a fundamental racial or social flaw which is the root of all conflict in the region Even though the major characters are all presented sympathetically they can t overcome the fundamental problem that all Arabs are craven at best or evil I was frustrated with the treatment and came away with a bad feeling about the book

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The Haj by Leon Uris

characters Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Leon Uris The Haj by Leon Uris characters Ø 0 Le East is the powerful  setting for this sweeping tale of a land where revenge  is sacred and hatred noble Where an Arab ruler  tries to save his people. I m not sure what it is with Leon Uris Maybe it s just me but I feel like every time I get through one of his stories the ending just disappoints That s how I felt about Armageddon and Topaz and it s the same hereSPOILERS will follow This book dealing with the origins of the modern Arab Israeli conflict specifically in regards to the perspective of a Palestinian family in the 1920s 1940s is not usually my cup of tea But I had the book and figured I d give it a shot Like my other Uris experiences the initial concept is actually uite engaging but I had bigger problems with this oneFor one thing the narrative style is erratic shifting from third person detailing the life of Haj Ibrahim a Palestinian muktar to first person from the perspective of Ibrahim s son Ishmael to a broad third person narrator describing globalpolitical events at large That s tricky enough but on top of that there are some odd time jumps backwards and forwards in the first third of the book which fortunately cease after a point I also have to take issue with the theme of the book It s largely a heavy handed condemnation of Muslim culture at least as far as the lower and middle classes of the Middle East are concerned in this time period There really doesn t seem to be any attempt to portray the protagonists in a positive light focusing instead on religious dogmatism brutal sexism and fatalism Not to mention the fact that almost every character is portrayed as treacherous hostile and vicious It s very hard to empathize with characters like thatWhich is why the ending becomes such a problem for me Again SPOILERS At the climax of the novel Ibrahim who has been a morally conflicted character throughout the book attempting to find some means of peace and hope for the Palestinian refugees displaced by armed conflict effectively gives up His daughter Nada offends him by defying social and religious convention which Ibrahim responds to by brutally murdering her and dumping her body in the gutter Ishmael the hero of the story berates his father into dying of what appears to be an apoplectic heart attack before descending into delusional madness and presumably death The end It s an absolutely depressing and defeating finish to a five hundred page novel that completely negates the characters journeys The only message I really got from Uris here is a mallet to the head sermon of the failings of ArabicMuslim culture You re made to feel that at least one of these characters will have a future but ultimately denied And that doesn t even factor in some of the dangling plot threads what becomes of Gideon of Farouk of Tabah of the region itself or the ongoing problems and conflict that lingered into the 80s when the book was writtenUltimately I found the book a laborious read with an enormously unsatisfying conclusion I was disappointed because I kept wanting to like it I never want to dislike a book I m reading since it s an investment of both time and interest but try as I might I could not Reading a lengthy work only to reach a conclusion of And then they all died and life was horrible the end is not a good return on my investment personally Based on the three Leon Uris stories I ve now experienced I don t really see myself seeking out

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characters Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Leon Uris The Haj by Leon Uris characters Ø 0 From destruction but  cannot save them from themselves When violence  spreads like a plague across the lands of  Palestine this is the time of The  Ha. In sixth grade everything I knew about Israel and Palestine I learned from Leon Uris We did not cover the history of that region in school and if fwe had I m sure that the coverage would have lacked nuanceAfter reading Exodus I wanted to be Jewish and live on a kibbutz In sixth grade the purity and passion of the characters seemed wholly believable In Leon Uris books one side very clearly wears the white hat at all times Given the desperate and horrible situation in the middle east I understand wanting this to be true And maybe it is but human nature and years of hatred will never allow that to be the case which is of course what makes the crisis so compellingThe Haj covers a period of history from before WW2 through the Suez War in 1956 including the creation of the Palestinian refugee camps throughout the West Bank Jordan Syria Lebanon and the Gaza Strip The book essentially asserts that over and over again Arab treachery and deception literally brother scheming against and selling out brother created all of the problems while the Jewish settlers and once they declared Israal a nation the Israeli nation were constantly blamed even though they basically said over and over can t we just all get along Reading this book now feels like reading propaganda funny because checking Leon Uris s Wikipedia entry I see that Exodus his breakout novel was written after an American PR firm sent him to the mideast in the 1950s My recommendation would be reading this with a big grain of salt I suspect Leon Uris novels shaped many Americans understanding of IsraelPalestine and so would asset they are important novels for that reason They shed light onto what has remained an explosive humanitarian crisis but The Haj shouldn t be your only source of information

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