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Kidnapped Read & Download Á 4 Confess at once how little I am touched by the desire of accuracy This is no furniture for the scholar's library but a book for the winter evening school room when the tasks are over and the hour for bed draws near; and honest Alan who was a grim old fire eater in his day has in this new avatar no desperate purpose than to steal some young gentleman's attention from his Ovid carry him awhile into the Highlands and the last century and pack him to bed with some engaging images to mingle with his dream. This is in the olden days when there wasn t anything except boats and cows No phones no movies nothing Who would want to live there right But see some people did and they had to or we wouldn t be here with all our stuff They had to like go without so we could rock and roll That s deepSo for entertainment they would play funny tricks on each other like this guy s uncle sells this guy into slavery even though this is a Scottish guy so he gets coshed and wakes up on a boat to the US of A but then this guy and this other guy who is like the low tech James Bond of the total Highlands they take over the boat and then it gets wrecked that part is okay there is some good fighting the sailors get melted But then there is way too much heather Which they have to tramp through for days no water no entertainment except whistling that seemed to be the thing they did instead of streaming These days you would be having some trouble whistling modern music like say Jeckyll and Hyde by Five Finger Death Punch go ahead whistle that So that was dull Ouch this heather hurts Oh dear I am sleeping in some water Well then don t is what I thoughtIn the end it all comes right but I thought they should of hacked the uncle to death with a cow s antler but they didn tcourse all you gr types know already that Jeckyll Hide was written by the same guy that did Kidnapped which I don t get as JH is really intense anyway the graphic version

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Kidnapped Read & Download Á 4 Guilt or innocence I think I could defend the reading of the text To this day you will find the tradition of Appin clear in Alan's favor If you inuire you may even hear that the descendants of the other man who fired the shot are in the country to this day But that other man's name inuire as you please you shall not hear; for the Highlander values a secret for itself and for the congenial exercise of keeping it I might go on for long to justify one point and own another indefensible; it is honest to. Kidnapped is a young adult adventurous story The protagonist the young David Balfour having become an orphan takes on a journey to find his uncle seeking support and fortune Little he knows of the adventure that he is to embark on upon meeting his uncle David is a likable hero Throughout his adventurous journey David s courage strength and loyalty are tested from which he emerges as a true winner The supporting characters are chosen to suit the tone and pace of the story Many including the principal contributing character David s Jacobite friend Alan Breck Stewart are real people which made the story interesting and all the real David s adventurous journey takes the reader through the picturesue Scottish highlands acuainting the reader with its geography and a little of the culture of highlanders The historical backdrop to the story is the aftermath of the Jacobite rising where Jacobites were hunted the Highland clans who supported the Jacobite movement were scattered their powers surrendered pride bruised chiefs in exile It is easy to comprehend that Stevenson was a sympathizer The story is well written with a mixture of English and Scottish Lowland dialog And there was warmth and feeling in the writing which was a pleasant contrast to the distant and detached writing I have so far observed in other Stevenson works Overall coupled with true historical facts picturesue highland setting and beautiful writing Kidnapped is a great adventure story I enjoyed it very much But young David s story does not end here I would certainly read the seuel to learn the rest of his story

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Kidnapped Read & Download Á 4 The political situation of the time is portrayed from different viewpoints and the Scottish Highlanders are treated sympathetically If you ever read this tale you will likely ask yourself uestions than I should care to answer as for instance how the Appin murder has come to fall in the year 1751 how the Torran rocks have crept so near to Earraid or why the printed trial is silent as to all that touches David Balfour These are nuts beyond my ability to crack But if you tried me on the point of Alan's. While Stevenson s Kidnapped was not uite as strong a work as either Treasure Island or his incredibly gripping The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde it was such an exciting action packed genuinely fun adventure story that I couldn t help but love it Set in 1751 it features such thrilling elements as a sinister foul tempered uncle a ship full of villainous sailors a shipwreck on a gloomy deserted island political intrigue Murder the perilous proximity of the Red Coats on the Scottish Highlands and much much Plus I found the young protagonist David extremely likable and relatable he was good hearted loyal intelligent and brave but not unbelievably or irritatingly so All in all he was a wonderful companion I found myself enthusiastically rooting for which always makes a story that much engrossing Highly recommended