Title : Terror at Turtle Mountain
Format : Paperback
Pages : 160 pages
Publisher : Penny Draper
Language : English
ISBN : 9781550503432

At 400 am April 29 1903 Nathalie lies awake in the booming coal town of Frank at the base of Turtle Mountain listening for the whistle of a train the Spokane Flyer bringing her American cousin Helena for a visitInstead Nathalie hears rocks tumbling down the mountain onto the town and the railway track She and her mother are safe but what about others As she helps search for survivors desperate uestions fill her mind How many have died Will the men inside the mine be safe Will the train be stopped in timeThat morning the northeast face of Turtle Mountain dropped one hundred million tons of limestone on the town Seventy six people died but twenty three were rescued from under the rocks seventeen escaped from the mine and the Flyer was stopped in timeThis is a beautifully written novel with engaging characters and authentic historical detail It's a story of discovery as Nathalie Nattie to her friends finds her own strengths and skills and the courage to use them