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  • Paperback
  • 291
  • The Time of the Ghost
  • Diana Wynne Jones
  • English
  • 13 February 2017
  • 9780064473545

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characters The Time of the Ghost Diana Wynne Jones ✓ 5 Free read Free read The Time of the Ghost ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Through the buildings and grounds of a half remembered boarding school Then to her horror she encounters the ancie. GUGHGHGHGHGGH So creepy and hilarious and great How do you even write a book like this HOW DO YOU GET IT PUBLISHED Our hero here is a ghost She s not sure why she s a ghost or who she is but she senses something s wrong and she has to fix it She figures out that she s part of a family of 4 sisters but isn t uite sure for like 90% of the book which sister she is The trick of a narrator who has to solve a mystery but who doesn t even know who she is blows my mind How the author pulls that off so facile you don t see any sweat on the page all the seams just fit I just Guh It s really hilarious in parts the sister Fenella especially is amazing But also so dark and creepy in places There s a LONG scene involving blood where I was like YO IS THIS FOR REAL And the dad is such a creepy horrible jerk and he s not part of the main storyline there s this whole other thing happening with the family and the sisters and their LIVES in the background You don t even see the pieces moving around This is one of those Wait why did people keep writing books after this books 100% RIYL if you like undefinable uncategorizable books about teens and ghosts and other things I can t even tell you about with spoiling everything

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characters The Time of the Ghost Diana Wynne Jones ✓ 5 Free read Free read The Time of the Ghost ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free There's been an accidentSomething's wrong She doesn't know who she is and doesn't know why she's invisibly floating. Is it just coincidence that Diana Wynne Jones s creepiest book is also her 13th publishedThe unnamed bodiless narrator knows only two things that she is one of four sisters and that there s been a terrible accident She follows the sisters around trying to discover which one she is and finds uestions than answers Where is middle sister Sally What does the Worship of Monigan a funny game Cart the oldest sister made up that has sinister undertones have to do with her present condition How is she ever going to get back to her body And how can she warn the girls about the terrible accident that s comingDWJ drew heavily on her own childhood to create the four sisters when someone once objected that the girls terrible living conditions was too extreme she said that she d had to tone down the truth or no one would have believed her The sualor and parental indifference the girls live in makes me suirm inside The ghost first observes them making their environment worse just to see if their parents will notice They don t What s these girls seem so real so believable are drawn in such detail that they come close to eclipsing everyone in DWJ s previous novels They certainly overshadow the other characters in the book though these secondary characters are as solid as anything else DWJ wroteAnd it is a profoundly creepy book not just because the evil is centered in a mildewy decrepit doll Dolls are really creepy if you have the right soundtrack The Worship of Monigan begins as a game but provides an outlet for something truly evil to enter the world Monigan herself is cold menacing and completely heartless She accepts sacrifices even if they have no meaning to her and everyone involved loses something important they didn t realize they were giving up Other occult elements like the ghost s use of a Ouija board to communicate and the use of blood to give the ghost substance to talk give the whole novel a sinister toneAs with many of DWJ s novels the ending is complex and satisfying and the solution to the problem of Monigan s hold over the ghost is brilliant The introduction of the very adult element of abusive relationships may seem out of place in a young adult novel but I think it adds to its dark and sinister nature Once again it s the relationship between the sisters that really makes the whole thing work The Time of the Ghost is an excellent novel in which Diana Wynne Jones again proves her mastery of the fantasy genre

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characters The Time of the Ghost Diana Wynne Jones ✓ 5 Free read Free read The Time of the Ghost ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Nt evil that four peculiar sisters have unwittingly woken and learns she is their only hope against a deadly danger. There s been an accident She doesn t remember much but she is one of four sisters and something terrible will happen that put her into this ghost like state Between neglecting parents who run a boys boarding school and four very unlike sisters the ghost tries to unravel who she is and what has or will befall her It also begs the uestion Who is responsible Was it one of the sisters was it related to their game of worship of the goddess Monigan was it one of the schoolboys or someone else entirelyI set out reading to The Time of the Ghost with mixed expectations I love Diana Wynne Jones books for her clever fantasy stories and would generally pick a fantasy book over a mystery one any day That being said ghost stories can be a great read when executed well Although the first chapters took a while to get into things became and interesting and in the end I could hardly put down the book for want of knowing how it all ends Suffice to say Diana Wynne Jones did write a well crafted mysteryThe author did a most wonderful job with keeping the ghost s identity a secret We are introduced to all four sisters and they all have such different temperaments it is hard to imagine the ghost as being either of them as she seems yet an entirely different person altogether There are clues along the way that lead from to one sister to the other until finally I even found myself wondering whether she is any of them at allThe uestion about what the accident is and who is behind it is just as well hidden for most of the book I thought it could be anyone or no one While there are some characters who seem villainous than others I knew it would have been too easy and too obvious for it to be them This book just keeps you guessing right to the endApart from the main mystery of the who s and what s there are some interesting themes that at times struck me as relevant than the mystery itself The sisters parents are phenomenally negligent the Dursleys are perfectly loving compared to these two While the mother isn t uite as bad the father who is always referred to as Himself is an utter nightmare The treatment of their four daughters was possibly the most horrifying aspect of this book and I mean there was blood drinking and the like involved I did wonder why the father was referred to as Himself but the I saw of him the I could feel that it was uite befitting of himThere were a few moments where I didn t enjoy the book as much especially during the earlier chapters which I found hard to get into The sisters are uite horrible to each other and I found it hard to sympathise with any of them But perhaps this was intended so as I certainly felt for them as the story advanced There certainly were some very dynamic scenes between them all There were also some scenes which I found disturbing and grotesue again we re talking about kids drinking blood and I could have done without The story was solid and thrilling enough and would have had the same suspenseful atmosphere without those gross things So for a book from a genre I seldom read this was a fantastic and engrossing story and not to be missed by any who enjoy Diana Wynne Jones complex and intertwining plotlines