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Where Serpents Sleep Free download º 5 London 1812 The brutal slaughter of eight young prostitutes in a house of refuge near Covent Garden leaves only one survivor and one witness Hero Jarvis reform minded daughter of the Prince Regent's cousin Lord Jarvis When the Machiavellian powerbroker uashes any of. This series just seems to get better and better Perhaps because Sebastian St Cyr Lord Devlin has settled into his role as a high society sleuth and investigator of murders and has decided to put aside his wallowing in misery over his ill fated affair with Kat a Covent Garden actress Perhaps it s because the politics and events of the regency period are so well integrated into the plot to add interest and substance to the crimes committed and those involved Perhaps it s also because of the emergence of a new central character Hero Jarvis strong minded independent daughter of Charles Lord Jarvis cousin to the King and often Sebastian s adversary Hero is a reformer and is researching the lives of women prostitutes when a half way house for fallen women run by the Friends is burnt to the ground in an attempt to cover up the murder of the eight women found inside Hero was convinced that one of the women was from an aristocratic family and so seeks Sebastian s help to find out who she was and who was behind the murders Hero is the perfect foil for Sebastian smart and tough and able to put him in his place There are a lot of sparks flying between the two and a definite chemistry even if neither of them will admit it and it s clear that we ll be seeing uite a bit of Hero in subseuent episodes

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Where Serpents Sleep Free download º 5 Ficial inuiry that might reveal his daughter's unorthodox presence Hero launches an investigation of her own and turns to Sebastian St Cyr Viscount Devlin for help Working in an uneasy alliance Hero and Sebastian follow a trail of clues leading from the seedy brothe. 45 This story was very good as are they all so far in the series It was much interesting to have Hero Jarvis play a significant role and much interesting with less of Kat Boleyn I enjoy the backdrop and contextual details of the Napoleonic war and the range of postings for military men was surprisingly wide to me anyway I enjoyed the relationship between Sebastian and his great aunt and loved the details in the fashion of the time the turbans with fruit or feathers on in shocking pink for example Interesting too to see the contrast in how Jarvis behaves with his daughter and everyone else Finally the shift in relations between Sebastian and his father is uite a touching one Recommended series

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Where Serpents Sleep Free download º 5 Ls and docksides of London's East End to the Mayfair mansions of a noble family with dark secrets to hide Risking both their lives and their reputations the two must race against time to stop a killer whose ominous plot threatens to shake the nation to its very core. This is definitely my favorite book in the series so far It once again presents an interesting murder mystery with origins rooted in the darker aspects of mankind wrapped up in some political intrigue and all the hallmarks of the regency period in which it all takes place But this series has consistently done that since the first book so what changed with this one What bumped it up to a four star book for me Well for starters there was blessedly little of Kat this time around Maybe the author is making it up to the readers for the excess of Kat in the last book to my mind anyway but she makes only three very brief appearances here And when I say brief I mean less than a page total for two of them and even those seemed completely shoehorned inSebastian remains the cool yet passionate and sexy Earl s son that we ve come to know and love This book picks up about eight months after the events of the last book and it seems that Sebastian has spent those intervening months in something of a drunken stupor pining away for his lost lovewhich cry me a river because that s how little I care I m just grateful that we were spared that eight month emo fest Clearly Sebastian needs a kick in the breechessomething to spark his interest in life again in living It could be a woman or it could be a murder It could be both Which brings me to the real reason that I enjoyed this book so much Hero Jarvis Miss Jarvis is a character that was first introduced in book one when Sebastian briefly kidnapped her to ensure his safe escape She s the daughter of Sebastian s political nemesis who also happens to be the Machiavellan power behind the British throne Since that first introduction though Hero has been sparingly used which is a damn pity because to paraphrase Sebastian himself if ever there was woman who could take care of herself it was Hero Jarvis Hero takes center stage in this book or at least she shares it with Sebastian and I loved it As the sole survivor of a brutal assault that leaves eight other women dead and stymied by her father in her reuest to launch an official investigation Hero turns to the only person in her acuaintance however strained that acuaintance might be who has even the slighest knowledge in how to proceed with a murder investigation She turns to Sebastian What follows is a curiously entertaining dual investigation by two people who at times seem to barely tolerate each other And yet there are definite moments of humor and a begrudging sense of admiration Don t get me wrong Sebastian isn t losing his heart to anyone new but oh how I feel the stirrings of hope THIS is the chemistry that I ve been looking for and which in my opinion has been sorely lacking in the SebastianKat department I suspected it was you said an amused voice from my majordomo s description I don t know that many tall haughty gentlewomen with the manner of a Turkish pashaShe swung to face him I don t know any Turkish pashasWhich is probably a good thing he said leaving the door open behind him They like their women obseuious and agreeableLike most EnglishmenLike most men he agreed advancing into the roomHero is no shrinking violet and she s no damsel in distress coughKatinbookonecough I don t know about Sebastian but she completely won me over I think I know what might be coming next because the foreshadowing was of the hit you over the head it s so obvious variety but I don t even care I m tentatively excited hopeful to see what Hero can bring to the story next and how Sebastian will deal with it Re read February 2014 and it was just as good the second time around

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