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review Exley by Brock Clarke ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook E searches for the one person he thinks can save his father the famously reclusive and dead author Frederick Exley Watertown native and author of the fictional memoir A Fan's Notes his father's favorite book Told in alternating v. I didn t enjoy this book as much as i enjoyed Brock Clarke s first book That was downright uproarious Exley I can t say the same about itWhat I can say is it is splendidly written Clarke has a marvelous relationship with language and so with the main characters in this novelMiller is a young kid whose father is in the VA hospital gravely injured His mother refuses to go see his father Miller goes through two therapists before settling in with one who happens to be fixated with Miller s mom The book goes back and forth between the therapist MMiller the mom and the supporting characters Miller s fatherfor one chapter the bartender at the Crystalthe dive bar where Miller s father is well known K a student at the school where Miller goesand who had a uestionable relationship with Miller s father and others The main character one Frederick Exley is a famous author of dubious nature He s the famous author of the book that Miller s father has been obsessed with his whole life and so Miller decides to help his father recover from the serious injury that s landed him in the hospital to find the reclusive Exley and bring him to the hospital to help bring his father out of the coma What follows well is confusing I had to re read certain parts of it multiple times to try to put the pieces together You find yourself really feeling sorry for Miller as he s obviously a very confused and lonely kid That alone can t save the book unfortunately I ll just say I was disappointed with the resolution to this tale

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review Exley by Brock Clarke ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Oices of the young boy and the therapist the boy's mother has hired to help him Exley is ultimately an exploration of the difference between what we believe to be real and what is real and how difficult it is to reconcile the two. Exist kind of reminds of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close which I loved There is a young boy who suffers the loss of his father when he leaves for Ira His mother sends him to a psychiatrist because she believes he is a liar She doesn t believe her husband is in Ira As a reader you never know what is the truth and what is a lie and that is what makes the story so compelling After all truth is often in the eye of the beholder

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review Exley by Brock Clarke ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A nine year old boy named Miller who lives in Watertown NY struggles to make sense of his father's disappearance for which he blames himself Later when he is convinced that his father is lying in a coma in the local VA hospital h. I am uber glad to have found these two books pretty close together the bookstore for the name Exley a somewhat rare name caught in my eye and I ended up getting both As I began to read one of them I felt the need to scan the other and immediately saw how obvious it was that they should be read together The hunch was one hundred percent accurate Brock Clarke s Exley complimented Fredrick Exley s Fictional Memoir by providing a reference for crucial references to specific uotes conversations scenes and inside meanings in the text Vice versa the latter provided the ability to better appreciate the former Brick Clarke s use of the book that supposedly changed his life in own novel was somewhat genius At least uite experimental as far as I am aware And a successful one at that He wrote such an unexpectedly humorous interpretation of it that gave meaning to Exley s obviously at least partial honest memoir In short Exley s memoir showed by user of various vignettesnarrations for significantdeemed important a uite wild and sick man An alcoholic a serious one whom inevitable relapses a few times managing in between to do some irrevocable ruination He spends am insane amount of time laying in his davenport doing absolutely nothing at all except occasionally contemplating deep philosophical beliefs He meets some interesting characters at the residential hospitaltreatment center named Avalon He tells of his many excessive sexual encounters with women almost none of which he truly loves The only woman he was involved with whom he at least felt like he lived at the time is one Bunny Sue whom of course was the only woman with whom was impotent around What vitiates the whole book is that unlike his father and his hero Frank Gifford of the New York Giants he was doomed to sit in the stands with most men and acclaim others It was my fate my destiny my end to be a fan In short he saw himself in Gifford to the point of actually thinking he was him More specifically Gifford was to him his alter ego the far successful one the one that was living out his dreams while he suffered simmering in hatred and desperation with his banal and miserable life Rather than inspire him to better himself this depressed him to further his alcoholism womanizing as well as his overall dysfunctional way of life As a slightly related side note apparently his obsession with Frank Gifford ualified the memoir to be categorized in the sports genre This is not something I agree with at all Somewhere in the last few pages actually expresses how he was not destined to be a teacher as he lacked the intelligence to simplify I have been thinking the same exact thing during the entire novel Mostly I actually preferred this as I appreciated his extensive vocabulary inability to describe things that necessitated verbosity Unfortunately for a fair amount I could definitely see the pleonasm If I had read A Fan s Notes without the accompanying Exley I would have liked it a lot less The depressing tone would be nothing but depressing I would have finished it with nothing but the impression that Exley wanted to author a testament to his dire and woebegone life Now calling this The best novel written since The Great Gatsby Newsday is simply absurd as is apparent in his lack of success with any other books he penned Exley first and foremost a much humorous lighter and fun read tells the story of a young boy trying to save his dying father whom his mother insists is in effect non existent Told in part by his therapist whom he calls Doctor Pah nee a play on penis as originally written by Frederick Exley a central theme is how far we will go to be in denial and believe the unbelievable For example Doctor Pah nee actually dresses up as Exley reads A Fan s Notes in order to be in character so that his patient can have what they both acknowledge he needs to bring Exley to his father laying in the hospital Miller Le Ray is the routine of denial using his defense mechanisms to the maximum continuing to search for the elusive Exley even when he is faced with hard evidence that he has died Jonathan Yardley the real life author of a non fiction biography for Frederick Exley is called to his home for a visit during which Miller insists that Exley is still alive and breathing in fact right there in the form of Doctor Pah nee They have even gone as far as to mine Exley s grave Anyhow the heart warming narrative end on a redeeming note one in which lasts in stark contrast to that in A Fan s Notes Brock Clarke s interpretation far superior to the source I fully liked the paired reading of these two novels