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Fallen Heroes Free download ½ 100 Racters' motivations and I think I will have a stronger book for it The workshop really helped me make a consistant characters and to work through how my characters act I'm having trouble getting a handle on my villain in my next book and these archetypes are really helping me The exercises were enlightening as well as a fun way to get into the heads of these characters You have given me good ideas for use in my current WIP and I'm certain I'll be using some of the others archetypes in future works. I decided to get this book because I liked Cowden s The Complete Writer s Guide to Heroes Heroines so much While I appreciate the book as a whole I did not find it to be as comprehensive as her first one The examples were okay but she did not delve as in depth into the archetypes as she did for the heroes and heroines I still found the book to be helpful for my writing though

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Fallen Heroes Free download ½ 100 The villain is the hero of his own story and is every bit as important as the heroic characters This book contains the lectures and exercises from Tami Cowden's popular online class on villain archetypes The workshop identifies and examines the motivations of the 16 literary villain archetypes and shows what happens when heroes and heroines turn to the dark side Here's what participants have said about the workshop I really enjoyed this class Seeing these archetypes spelled out like this really giv. Do not spend your money on this bookInstead how about visiting the author s website Because the information she gives you there is just regurgitated over and over in the book But with different synonyms How about an example Don t mind if I do RESOLUTE She stays the course Minor setbacks with not dissuade her She may win some battles but she is determined to see the war through to the end Ok well first of all I think the author MEANT to say She may lose some battles as the sentence doesn t make sense otherwiseSecond of all those are three sentences that all mean the exact goddamn thing Stays the course not being dissuadedNot being dissuaded not giving up after a few lost battlesThe whole book is like that So do what I wasn t smart enough to do and don t waste your money

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Fallen Heroes Free download ½ 100 Es perspective instinct does not Not only did this give me some really good tips on villain archetypes but seeing the thought process behind creating a character for the archetypes helped me with your heroheroine archetypes as well WONDERFUL class again It was uite a thrill figuring out which archetype matched up with the villianess of my WIP I have your exclamation about motivation stuck to my wall just as a reminder I did get a chance to apply this to my characters I put a lot thought into my cha. 37

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