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Fifty Shades Trilogy Summary Ì 109 Fifty Shades of Grey is an erotic romantic novel written by. Let me start by saying that when this series first hit bookstores a couple of years ago I had no interest in it whatsoever Trashy oversexed chains bondage etcI believed all of the hype and thought it was beneath a well read educated professional middle aged mother of two and wife as I was and still am Then I began to deal with multiple stressors at home and at work kids with special needs tyrannical boss teaching often ungrateful middle school students and found myself and in need of mental shutdown and escapism It began with binge watching TV then discovering the world of fanfiction which led me to Fifty Shades Let s be clear about what it s not Jane Austen Shakespeare the Bronte sisters any other celebrated author or Pulizter prize winning literature It s also not a trashy romance novel about BDSM Yes BDSM is a significant part of the love story but this trilogy is at its heart a compelling LOVE story Two people at opposite ends of the relationship spectrum are drawn to each other They can t deny their feelings For all intents and purposes they should stay the hell away from one another She is completely inexperienced and he is over experienced He brings her in touch with her sexuality and she forces him to face old imprinted demons from his past None of this happens overnight and both characters are flawed funny sympathetic smart challenging and likable I found myself really routing for them There is to this story than the covertitlepress would lead one to believe Ms James is a good writer and has created a story that isn t easily forgottenAs for the critics I say this this series has sold what 50 million copies or so worldwide I d like to believe that many women have enough sense not to fall for the sexerotica aspect of the books alone Most of us are romantics and this has plenty of that The nature of the BDSM aspect of Christian and Ana s relationship changes as their love grows Again not prize winning literature so don t criticize it for something it s notThanks for reading Laters

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Fifty Shades Trilogy Summary Ì 109 British novelist E L James and is the first instalment in. I think it s great to see how the main characters try to accept what kind of relationship they have their emotional baggage I really think that is sexy and profound nothing to do with the typical love and erotical storiesAnd for me the most interesting character is Christian Grey but Ana is great too

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Fifty Shades Trilogy Summary Ì 109 The Fifty Shades Trilogy The trilogy is divided into 3 book. Just finished rereading before seeing the movie

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