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Elyse Draper Ä 8 read Freewill Freewill #1 summary » eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ntangible Others uickly becomes Ellie's heart's desire Ellie and Christopher inevitably find themselves developing an unusual relationship where touching one another can only happen in Christopher’s dreams Unbeknownst to them ever since Ellie's birth in 1922 destiny's hand guided by mythical forces and fairytale lineage has been pushing them into each other's embrace while also potentially into the arms of evil Others called the Timoro and into the sights of dangerous feuding organizations the Symboulio the council of the ancient and divine and the Symbio the new world council of acceptanc. I received this book from the author for an honest review I signed up for this book but didn t have very high expectation And the beginning was a little confusing to keep up with But this book ended up uite good and I cannot wait to finish the trilogyFirst I have to talk about the end I only had 10 or so pages left and was thinking this is a such a bittersweet ending but I was happy for a few of the characters THEN on the very last page that all was ruined I was just so shocked by what happened on this last page and couldn t believe it Now do not go read the last page to see what I am talking about Read it from the beginningThis book is told from a few different povs The beginning was a little harder to keep track of but it all ties together as the story progresses There is still a lot of mystery left unanswered after it ends but that s what makes me excited to start with the next book This story is mostly about Christopher Ellie and James I like to compare it to Christopher being the live person and Ellie and James are like the angel and devil on his shoulders It was really a lot of good sidebad side with these two And there was a very sweet new romance in the works that almost brings you to tears in the end and is where the bittersweet comes in I do not want to give anything away and you can read what the book is about in the book description I will say though that I really enjoyed this book I highly recommend it Great introductory book to what I hope is a wonderful series

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Freewill Freewill #1

Elyse Draper Ä 8 read Freewill Freewill #1 summary » eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF EIn this first book of the trilogy the readers start to understand that Ellie’s transformation into an Other as an empath is exceptionally rare; only happening one additional time over 2000 years ago Finally awakened by Christopher’s presence if she does not build a connection to lessen the burden of feeling the world’s emotions she will cease to exist Delving into a mixture of historical events mythical manifestations and folklore the setting provides glimpses into familiar images that lull the reader into believing they know what may happen next but that doesn't account for Free Will. 7 out of 5 stars Goodreads should really provide than five stars This is an excellent read for everyoneThis was the most vivid story I ve ever read Its perfectly detailed settingcharacters etc As if I was really there and experiencing what Ellie did Characters are perfectly developed the pacing was greatthe plot was really one of a kind not like an ordinary thing you can read nowadays There were also great lessons along the way Its really a package of a good book and I m thankful that Ms Draper gave me a copy even though the giveaway was closed Thanks you MsDraperI really enjoyed reading this and I am so excited for the next part

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Elyse Draper Ä 8 read Freewill Freewill #1 summary » eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Freewill is a Young Adult slipstream novel that embodies both science fiction and dark fantasy with strong paranormal romantic overtones Within its pages a world comes to life where mythology is real and evident in humanity's interaction with the ethereal Others Ellie once a human but now an Other an empathic creature surviving in a fugue state inside the otherworldly veil for over sixty years has been finding the strength to exist through her compulsion to be a muse; that is until she meets Christopher Christopher a present day young man with the special talent to foresee the truth of the i. Well well encountered feelings toward this book that ended up in a very good sentimentI say this because at the beginning I honestly wasn t sure what I was reading each chapter talking about different people and things that didn t seem to connect at all but then as the story develops I understood a little bit and the ending really gave closure to those loose ends that were bugging me And it was like OMG The story goes around two main characters that are Ellie and Christopher both have complex personalities and some personal baggage that make them incredibly appealing as protagonists But there are many other characters not as important but entirely interesting as well such as Ann and James our green eyes bad guy or Lune the most incredible dog I ve ever read about He is just A MA ZING As weird as it sounds the dog is probably my favorite character in the whole bookYou ll understand what I mean if you read itAnyway my feelings went up and down I laughed with them but also felt their sadness At one point my heart just shattered And the end oh that end What will happen nextThe plot is completely ORIGINAL and left me wanting to know MORE Luckily I have the second and third book in the trilogy to satisfy my curiosity YAY

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