Title : Gardens of a Sacred Landscape
Format : Hardcover
Pages : 194 pages
Publisher : Samy Zalat
Language : English

This beautifully illustrated book describes the uniue environment and the natural history of St Katherine in Sinai from the perspective of its inhabitants—the Gabaliya Bedouin The Gabaliya live in the high and rugged mountain massif of South Sinai enclosed within the St Katherine Protectorate in an area now declared as a World Heritage Site St Katherine is one of the world’s most important protected areas for its special historical cultural religious and environmental heritage It contains Egypt’s highest mountain—Mount Katherine—and one of the world’s most sacred Mount Sinai The Gabaliya have a uniue history and their intimate relationship with their harsh environment is eually uniue In the arid landscape within the great Ring Dyke they have created their own orchard agriculture growing fruit and vegetables in irrigated walled gardens that seem to grow out of the rock on remote wadi floors or on the steep mountainsides themselves This book introduces—from their own observations—the gardens and the uniue culture and heritage of the Gabaliya the vegetables and fruits they grow and the mammals birds lizards and insects associated with their gardens and environment in this remarkable landscape The book is fully illustrated with photographs and watercolor paintingsFrancis Gilbert is associate professor of ecology at Nottingham University Samy Zalat is professor of biodiversity at Suez Canal University Together they authored A Walk in Sinai St Katherine to Al Galt Al Azra