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  • 13 May 2017
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Harpie ↠ 8 READ

CHARACTERS ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Harpie Harpie ↠ 8 READ CHARACTERS Goodnight and Thanks for the Vodka T home to see to the animals The following day Harpie berates herself for just sitting about moping all day on the sofa so scrubs herself up and goes down the pub The next day she walks four miles to the hospital to pick her car up reasoning that “the walk might do me some good” You can’t help but admire and applaud her efforts to keep her life on track staying in work and as a single mum ensuring her child has a safe home life This book began as a social experiment in honesty after a debate among authors about how honest it's possible to be Harpie set out to prove that everything can be written the good the bad and the shameful There is nowhere that this woman won’t go If there’s a line to cross Harpie will stick out her chest and limbo under it jump over it or dance through it with a glass of vodka in her hand while never spilling a drop This is a book of raw emotion And it bleeds K. Oh Harpie What a rough ride And I know you d probably hate getting sympathy but tough Have some all the sameThis diary is written very matter of fact and really not woe is me But really it should be called It s a Gritty Life being polite but think of something which rhymes with grittyI was left wondering how much bad luck one person can get lumbered with But this lady just rolls up her sleeves and gets on with itLove light blessings for happier times soon to come Harpie Thoughts become things choose the good ones xx

CHARACTERS ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ HarpieGoodnight and Thanks for the Vodka

CHARACTERS ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Harpie Harpie ↠ 8 READ CHARACTERS Goodnight and Thanks for the Vodka An a modern day and uirky diary this is the story of one woman’s life in a typical English small town encompassing the characters texture and mentality of everyday living told with brutal and shameless honesty while all the while cross threading with a struggle for survival and acceptance This is no jump on the bandwagon 'pity me' story as the vein of humour running through every chapter is testament Harpie’s goal in writing ‘Vodka’ is to prove to the cynics that it can be done She can write her truth and miss nothing out – heart attacks miscarriages beatings blood gushing sex poverty mayhem men and vodka and always with that beautiful self deprecating sense of humour common to the British After suffering a miscarriage followed by a heart attack and having stopped breathing in intensive care she signs herself out of the hospital clothing caked in dried blood because there’s nobody a. I love Harpie What a woman Her tragedies are beyond anything I could ever imagine And yet she survives This story will leave you in tears in awe and in admiration You will feel her pain anguish and joy from the brilliantly written descriptions Beginning when she was a child into her adult years and as a mother she knew only abuse But she managed to endure and eventually discovered the secreted parts of her memory I m not one to give out spoilers so will end with this is a fascinating sometimes humorous read that you will not soon forget You might even see yourself in her I give Harpie five stars and wish I could give

CHARACTERS Goodnight and Thanks for the Vodka

CHARACTERS ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Harpie Harpie ↠ 8 READ CHARACTERS Goodnight and Thanks for the Vodka A book of Raw Emotion In Harpie’s wacky psycho screwball demented book she bares her soul revealing her innermost thoughts slashing a metaphoric vein and bleeding onto the page Harpie’s deepest and most intimate feelings gush from her revealing anxieties ranging from her feelings for her mother who died in tragic and suspicious circumstances to her resentment towards her father And then there were others who abused her physically mentally emotionally and sexually All this is tied up and interwoven with her love of her young son Mike Harpie has memories buried deep in shadowy parts of her subconscious that she’s never been able to reach They include the mystery surrounding her mother’s murder With the help of a clinical psychologist and regressive hypnotism she revisits the past as she dips in and out of Now and Then In 'Vodka' Harpie uncovers the missing parts her lost childhood More th. I m a bibliophile whose love of books bleeds into each new day I mourn the books I ve not read And there are some books I want to head butt and give a good kicking All wannabe writers and I include myself in that category begin writing about someone else but end up writing different versions of themselves There are things we dress and give voice to because we re too scared to say it ourselves Harpie cuts out the middle man even though she s a woman and tells it like it is Honesty is not the best policy it s the only policy Out of the tens of thousands of books I ve read she is he most honest Try it Try writing about your sex life and blokes that are tossers Try writing how you ended up in a women