Title : Grave Destiny
Format : Kindle Edition
Pages : 127 pages
Publisher : Brynn Paulin

Zora's new house has a little problem The original owner never leftdiedwhatever He's still claiming ownership of the mansion Now he says Zora is his too It’s been a bad two centuries First Bram was cursed to a half life within the walls of his own estate It hasn't been lonely His household staff was bewitched along with him—and that might be worse than being almost dead Now the descendant of his grave enemy has been given the home—Bram’s home Not happening Enough Unacceptable He wants his mansion back He wants his life back And once he sees Zora he wants the woman too Unfortunately the only way Zora can fully belong to Bram is to be cursed to a half life too More unacceptable But better a half life than the other choice before them Zora can sacrifice herself and Bram will be free Totally unacceptable Decisions decisions What’s a ghost to do The answer is clear to Bram No Way InHades Buthis woman has other ideas