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Here Comes the Sun Butler Vermont #3

Read Here Comes the Sun Butler Vermont #3 107 Heard from her Mia shows up half frozen bruised and beaten on his doorstep needing something only Wade can provideHe's determined to make it work no matter the cost Grab the latest in a series you will fall in love with Reading Order for Green MountainButler Vermont SeriesGreen Mountain SeriesBook 1 All You Need Is Love Will CameronBook 2 I Want. LOVE THE ABBOTT FamilyI was captivated by Wade and Mia s story Returning to Butler VT and the Abbott family is like coming home This series is everything I love about a family saga Ok so my dilemma how do I share my love of this story without giving anything away hmmmmmI think the first thing to say is that when I put this book down to you know live life the characters and the story continued to run around in my head calling me back to my kindleWade s personality shown though in this one no pun intended I loved the backstory on this uiet Abbott sibling I adored how Mrs and Mr Abbott s tried to support him in all aspects of this life his mom making him veggie chili and using a separate spoon to stir it was so a beautiful example of this mother s loveThe happy Wade and Mia finds get there is a very untraditional way but the happy they find is so very perfect in than one way nope not telling read the book It is so clear the read that Wade and Mia share a uniue connection and barely witness to them exploring that was so enjoyable Ms Force delivered some beyond funny scenes in this one there is a store meeting what was epically funny like true laugh out loud humor with banter that had me re reading the scene just to enjoy it again Speaking of love I have to say I loved Hannah and Nolan in this one They are so adorableOh Abbot love Max Max the youngest Abbott and the single Dad I am excited to watch Max grow as this series continues and I hope some day we get a happy for him and Caden As usually Elmer and Linc steal the end of the booK I want to make sure to add the twins Lucas and Landon were hysterical in this one and now I am very very curious to see how these men find a happy I hope one of them in next in this series Oh I hope we someday get a happy for Mrs Abbott s sister Hannah Coleman I loved the hint of finally a happy for her and I hope hope we get to see a happy delivered by Ms Force So you see this series is like coming home visiting with friends catching up and loving ever moment of it

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Read Here Comes the Sun Butler Vermont #3 107 To Hold Your Hand Hannah NolanBook 3 I Saw Her Standing There Colton LucyBook 4 And I Love Her Hunter MeganNovella You'll Be Mine Will Cameron's WeddingBook 5 It's Only Love Ella GavinBook 6 Ain't She Sweet Charley TylerButler Vermont SeriesBook 1 Every Little Thing Grayson EmmaBook 2 Can't Buy Me Love Patrick MaryBook 3 Here Comes the Sun Wade Mi. What a cute book This book is literally sweet as pie in its awesomeness I am so obsessed with the Abbott family Believe it or not this was my first book by Marie Force And boy and I glad that I joined in on this series This family is so stinking adorable I just love it I seriously have to go back and read all of the books in the seriesTwo years ago Wade Abbott met a beautiful woman at a yoga retreat Knowing she was in a relationship he didn t pursue anything but admired from afar Suddenly Mia Simpson shows up on his doorstep abused and with a whole heap of troubleWade is AMAZING He is such a nice guy and totally jumps in to be a hero for Mia after all of the drama that she has gone through I don t want to give too much away but I was completely ensnared by how sweet Wade is during this entire book Such A Good Guy And then there is Mia who has been through way too much She is strong and independent and it seems as though nothing can get her too downThis story is told in alternating points of view between Wade and Mia There are a few sections that are told from various family members I wish I have read the previous books because I feel as though those interactions would have a bigger impact so I definitely need to go back the series and then come and read this one againIf you are looking for a super sweet book that will keep you smiling then this is the one for youMy ARC copy of the book was provided in exchange for a fair unbiased reviewFor of my reviews Main Blog Fern s Book Blog Twitter Instagram

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Read Here Comes the Sun Butler Vermont #3 107 Wade Abbott is one and doneOne look one conversation one weekend and he knows who he wantsExcept Mia Simpson is not free to return his affection In fact he suspects she's in an abusive marriage but she never confirms that and he has no choice but to mind his own business where she's concernedTwo years after they first met and a year after he last. If you re going to feature a character who has suffered abuse in your story at least have the courtesy to treat the subject with a bit of respect Didn t dislike the characters or the romance aspect but with other issues thrown in and handled lazily the drop in standard between these later self published titles and those published by BerkleyHeadline under the Green Mountain moniker has become evident