Title : Initiation
Format : Kindle Edition
Pages : 271 pages
Publisher : Aaron Niz
Language : English

Available for one week at a reduced priceAaron Niz bestselling author of COMPELLED takes on the vampire novel in this new and chilling tale of a man on the edge Brad Raines has always blended in with the crowd So when he meets Rue Winthrop a stunning brunette with a penchant for sex and designer clothes he can't believe his luck Suddenly Brad is thrust into a world of money and power for Rue's family is high class all the wayBut with money and power comes deceit and secrets and soon Brad realizes that Rue's family isn't a family at all but a gang of vampires who when banded together are powerful than the Gottis And if Brad is to maintain even a semblance of his old humanity he may have to sacrifice everything and in the process take on the most powerful family the world has ever knownInitiation takes the reader on a frightening seductive journey into the labyrinthian world of vampires and a family that operates with the ferocity of The Sopranoswith sharper teethIn the tradition of Salem's Lot and The Firm