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Free download È Invading Babylon 104 You were transformed to transform your worldFor too long Christianity has been defined by a false concept of church As a result believers have built walls around their lives keeping culture at a distanceAs Christians have tried to keep culture out of the church unfortunately the church has kept itself out of the cul. Mind expandingMind expandingI love a book that makes me think outside the box This book is not only biblically based but prophetic and practical I highly recommend this book if you have a desire to change and transform your cities and if called to nations

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Free download È Invading Babylon 104 CeSix revolutionary voices in the modern church deliver Invading Babylon This essential guide will euip you to•Understand your vital role in shaping society •Release God’s will in your sphere of influence •Become an unstoppable citizen in God’s KingdomIt’s your time to arise and be a light in a dark worl. Can t recommend this book enough It s definitely going on my Read over and over again list

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Free download È Invading Babylon 104 Ture This was never Jesus’ design for the your lifeBefore church was established as a place that people “came to” Jesus instituted it as an army that brought transformation to society starting with salvation and continuing with seven spheres of influence Church family education government media arts and commer. One of the most excellent and digestible books on the subject of the 7 Mountain Mandate Lance Wallnau and Bill Johnson have compiled information from people who are excelling in the areas of their gifting and calling to reveal how the Church should reclaim territory for the Kingdom The balanced view that it s not about being arrogant but about redemptive in making the world what God intended from the beginning is refreshing and invitingThis book is for anyone who has felt that their walk has been somewhat lack luster because of a false narrative or incomplete view of the Christian walk I d recommend this for anyone who wants out of their life and wants to make a difference in their community and sphere of influence

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  • 08 January 2019
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