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Ambitious Love

Ambitious Love review ´ 3 Factory Fern attends the local school But here she is bullied and is soon selling flowers outside Cardiff Central station to help make ends meetWhen her mother is taken from her in an influenza epidemic Fern has no one to protect her from her violent and possessi. This story was along the same lines as most of Rosie Harris books for me anyway I find her heroine s insipid naive and some of things that happen to them and that they do a little unrealisticFern going off as a stowaway on her boyrfiend s ship to Russia to live there on her own while Glamorgan went back to sea Becoming a bit of a drinker at such a young age moving on to getting billed as a dancer with no experience I know this could happen sometimes but Onto a star billing at a French Theatre Accepting the dotage of a Frenchman knowing that something would be expected but not wanting to give it Disappearing without notice from her position in Paris that was weak of character and back into the arms of Godfrey who she had wanted nothing to do with earlierA bit of a weak unrealistic story Fiction is one thing but I do like a fiction story that is a little realisticI only read it for a challenge I needed a book with Love in the Title and this book did it for me in that respect

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Ambitious Love review ´ 3 Fern Jenkins' life is changed for ever when her brother is killed in action and her father dies in a mining explosion Turned out of their home by the ruthless pit owner Fern and her mother Wynne are forced to seek a new life in Cardiff Whilst Wynne finds work in a. It enjoyed reading the book Had a few twists I didn t expect

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Ambitious Love review ´ 3 Ve uncle She longs to escape from the brutality and sualor around her and make something of herself But with no money and her only friend away at sea there seems little hope of her ever leaving her life of poverty behind let alone finding the love she so yearns fo. Enjoyable easy read

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  • Ambitious Love
  • Rosie Harris
  • English
  • 07 October 2018
  • 9780099527442