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Irreparably Broken Irreparable

FREE READ ´ Irreparably Broken Irreparable Tori realizes Brady is not the same confident guy she’s secretly loved for years Tori desperately wants Brady to confide in her but he refuses to talk about the secrets that have drastically changed his life Turning to the one person that always makes her laugh she begins spending time with the younger brother Tug The two grow closer. 45 EMOTIONAL ENTERTAINING StarsLoved Loved Loved this story When I read the synopsis I just knewpull up a chair people causeA love triangle possible love suareinvolving two brothers Oh goodie Little did I know I would get so much then I bargained for Irreparably Broken begins with our heroine Victoria Tori moving in with her BFFAA Olivia aka Liv and her younger brother Tug for the summer For those of you not down with the acronyms BFFAA Best Friends Forever and Always Duh The previous year Tori broke up with her boyfriend of three years Jake She caught him cheating on her after he was set up by Brady Liv s older brother Now Tori has been crushing on Brady FOREVER but she hasn t spoken to him since the set up She felt betrayed by the way things went down Tori and Tug have always had a very close brothersister type relationship Tug is always teasing Tori trying to get her to go out with him I loved the banter between Tori and Liv and Tucker It really lightened the story up and made me laugh Tori has no idea that Brady will also be home for the summeruntil he walks in on her completely naked in the bathroom Brady and Tori have an obvious attraction to each other But soon Tori realizes that Brady isn t the cocky confident guy she remembers Brady is tormented by secrets he holds in order to protect his family He s broken and doesn t think he can be fixed he doesn t think he deserves to be fixed Brady keeps Tori at a distance Afraid to tell her his secrets but not able to let her go The whole time I m reading I m trying to figure out what in the world could have happened to poor Brady The author did a great job of dropping just enough hints to keep the suspense up and the reader dying to know what happened Eventually Brady and Tori give in to their feelings for each other The sexual chemistry between them no longer able to be contained And Holy Smokes was it HOT Brady s bad boy ways sure came out in the bedroom How can something feel so fucking right and also so incredibly wrong BradyBut just as uickly as it begins it ends Brady s secrets start to come out and he runs away from it all From the pain of his past his friends and family disovering his secrets and the future he doesn t think he deserves Tori is once again left heart broken when Brady leaves She still doesn t understand everything that is going on Tori turns to Tug the person that always makes her smile He slowly helps her crawl out of the sadness and start to live again She s always loved Tug but never been in love with him But the time she spends with him the she begins to uestion her feelings for Tug At the same time Brady realizes that running wasn t relieving any of his pain and that until he reveals all of his secrets to Tori he will remain broken and irreparable Things really exploded from herethe last 10% of the book I was likeSecrets are revealed truths are discovered past lies are uncovered and lives are forever changed Who will Tori choose once she knows everything How will this effect Liv and Tug Will Brady remain forever irreparably broken I couldn t breathe when I was away from you It felt as though each breath was just enough to sustain me but I was slowly dying When I saw you again I had a reason to breathe and then I messed up I m so sorry for everything I said to you on the pier and for all of the pain I ve caused you I swear I will never leave you again BradyFantastic read It had it allshocking moments panty melting moments heart breaking moments laugh out loud moments sweet moments sigh the Kleenex and feel good moments This was a standalone book with a HEA Though I wouldn t be sad if Tug got his own book

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FREE READ ´ Irreparably Broken Irreparable Appearances are not always realityThat’s what twenty year old Tori discovers when she moves in with her best friend Liv for the summer Liv’s older brother Brady is everything Tori knows is wrong for her yet he invokes emotions deep in her soul that she’s never felt with anyone else When the two eventually succumb to their feelings. A month ago my ex wanted nothing to do with me Brady was farway Harrison didn t exist and Tug was just Liv s obnoxious little brother Where is the rewind button Tori Marie Peterson has several hot guys after her in this novel She has had her heartbroken by her boyfriend Jake but to make matters worse her BFFAA s sexy older brother Brady leads her to see Jake s betrayal Tori has had a life long crush on Brady but she just can t get past Brady s brash outing of Jake Why do I turn to warm mush everytime he looks at me I mean he broke my heart before opened the door reality and forced me to watch Yet his body closed in on me I liuefied Tori is living with Liv s family Liv her business oriented parents and Tug Aiden who is Liv s younger brother by nine months NowTug had me from the first time he asked Tori out till the very end of this book and beyond This book is told in the alternating povs of Tori and Brady Brady has returned home for the summer to put his feelings out there for Tori Wellhe kinda takes forever on this Talk about a book runner This guy gives the Gingerbread Man a run for his money He s broken and I m so afraid it s irrevocable I m sorry Sunshine I told you I was toxic I m fucking poison Brady sends messages on tissues and shows glimpses into who he really is while guarding his secrets and driving a reader crazy Tug and Harrison jockey for Tori s heart When all the twists and turns are revealed a reader finds a nice hea but this reader wanted the story to go another route it happens Overall KJ Bell does a fine job with this novel I m hoping my guy gets his own book in the near future I d rather watch Cry Baby staring Johnny Deep than leave him without his own hea


FREE READ ´ Irreparably Broken Irreparable And Tori wonders if her feelings for Tug run deeper than the “just buddies” status they’ve always shared As she begins to explore her feelings the conflict between brothers she’d hoped to avoid erupts She has to choose When Brady finally reveals his secrets Tori makes her decision; one that may leave them all Irreparably Broken. 45 StarsI flipping loved this book What a mix of emotions It was very well put together to draw you in and keep you hanging at the edge Sometimes the events in our lives leave us with a shattered heart and irreparably broken Tori was trying to pick up the pieces after having her heart broken With the help of her best friend Liv she decides maybe its time to move on That is until Liv s older brother Brady shows up and stirs old feelings in Tori Feelings of anger rage frustration hatred but if she is being honest with her self it s like lust like and maybe love Tori Blames Brady for the fail of her past relationship Brady has been trying to run from the feelings he has towards Tori Feelings that have been around for many years But he is not in a good place emotionally or mentally He is going through things that he can not talk about to ANYONE His pull towards Tori is almost too magmatic to walk away from Christ look I m toxic like fucking poison nothing instant though I m something slow and painful and you don t need that in your lifeBut he knows he has to For her sake Prince Charming is out there somewhere ready to give her the fairy tale she deserves As much as I want her she is better off without me in her life She s better off with the fairy taleBut sometimes you have to say fuck the fairy tale Even if you know the conseuences could be catastrophic Because the magnetic pull is just too strong Sunshine you and Jake had sex but trust me when I tell you tonight is going to be your first time His voice is husky and raw and he plants kisses on my neck between words The first time you know what it feels like for someone to own your body The first time a real man makes loved to you until scream so loud the heavens hear you And the first time you will understand what you mean to meBut will their pull be enough to overcome the mystery deceit secrets and guilt that consume Brady I really enjoyed Tori She strong and not weak like most female characters in other books She was able to think through her decisions She was funny and had a very crappy memory that I could totally relate to I m always the one thinking shit what was his name But the best part of the story was NO CLIFFHANGER Yay I ve been reading soooo many stories with cliffhangers that it was nice to have the story of the MC s end

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