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  • 01 February 2017
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Jack of Shadows Free read Á 108 Tuous Evene One by one Shadowjack would seek them out and have his revenge building his power as he goesAnd once his vengeance is obtained he would come to terms with all others who are against him he would unite the World of High Dudgeon destroy the Land of Filth and bring peace to the Shadowguard But to accomplish all Jack of Shadows must find Kolwynia the Key That Was Los. Jack of Shadows or Shadowjack is a wizard and rogue the best thief of his age His world doesn t rotate Instead the light side is ruled by science and the dark side by magic Daysiders have souls Darksiders are eternally reborn in the Dung Pits of Glyve Jack gets decapitated in the opening chapter and seeks revenge upon waking in the aforementioned Dung Pits On the way to his goal he gets imprisioned by an old enemy spends time as a professor at a university on the Dayside and finds Kolwria the Key That Was Lost Once he gets his revenge a whole slew of other issues pop upI found Jack of Shadows to be a very original work Not a trace of the usual fantasy cliches Philosophical uestions like what it means to have a soul are raised Jack reminded me of a magical version of the Rowan Atkinson Blackadder character The ending is open for the reader to interpret

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Jack of Shadows Free read Á 108 Signet catalog #W7587 Cover price 150 note no blurb about Author of Amber beneath Zelazny's name An overpowering adventure of a world half in darkness half in light The Earth no longer rotates Sciences rule the dayside of the globe Magic rules the World of Night And Jack of Shadows Shadowjack the Thief who broke the Compact and duped the Lord of High Dudgeon; who was beheade. For the plot description I shamelessly plagiarized the first two and a half sentences of the official book description The Earth no longer rotates Science rules the dayside of the globe Magic rules the World of Night Jack of Shadows was a thief whose magic was strongly connected with shadows In other words he could not do any magic in complete absence of them He was caught in the beginning of the book and executed Being a supernatural being he had several lives just like an ordinary cat He came back and sought revenge I am a big fan of Zelazny I keep saying that even his minor efforts deserve 3 stars This looks like one of them The beginning was uite good it slowed down by about one third in the book but still remain decent until the second half At that point I had to ask myself Who the heck wrote this part and why did the Grand Master of science fiction and fantasy let himher destroy his work The very end became uite good probably the best part but at that time it was way too late Add to this the fact that during the bad part of the book I stopped caring about Jack and his fate and you will understand why I gave one of my all time favorite science fiction writers only 3 stars this time It is still not a waste of time by any means but please if you are not familiar with Zelazny do not start your acuaintance with him with this novel It has excellent ideas but the execution really lacked At this point I have to recycle the first image I used here to show my face when I finished this novelBoy was I grumpy

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Jack of Shadows Free read Á 108 D in Igles and rose again from the Dung Pits of Glyve; who drank the blood of a vampire and swallowed a stone Shadowjack walks in silence and in shadows to seek vengeance on his enemiesWho are his foes All who would despise him or love the Lord of Bats Smage of the Jackass Ears the Colonel Who Never Died the Borshin and uazer winner of the Hellgames and abductor of the volup. Time to te read some Roger Zelazny stuff Though I re read the Amber series periodically I ve been very lax about revisiting the other stuff of this top tier fantastic author Post Re read I remember reading this AGES ago and I was just disappointed that it wasn t Amber In retrospect as an older wiser and well read person I find that to be a narrow opinionYes this book is definitely not Amber but maybe that s for the best We are spoiled with epic new fantasy now but this classic nonetheless remains a taut compelling read still And for a standalone book there s uite a fair bit if depth to the setting Though that always was Zelaznys strong suit IMOIn short not Amber for better or worse But it s still a hidden gem that deserves attention than it gets