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DOWNLOAD Þ Jefferson Davis Gets His Citizenship Back O manage what was in one sense a revolution Jefferson Davis Gets His Citizenship Back is also a meditation by one of our most respected men of letters on the ironies of American history and the paradoxes of the modern South. I found Warren s portrait of Jefferson Davis and our country s complicated relationship to him very interesting However at the heart of this essay is a nostalgia for great men doing great things Even though he clearly is no apologist for racism and slavery Warren s essay is a meditation by a white man about other white men The impact of the decisions and actions of these men on the enslaved population of the United States and the lasting wound of slavery is virtually absent This year I m trying to pair nonfiction books with novels I m pairing this one with Varina Charles Frazier s novel about Jefferson Davis s wife

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DOWNLOAD Þ Jefferson Davis Gets His Citizenship Back In 1979 Robert Penn Warren returned to his native Todd Country Kentucky to attend ceremonies in honor of another native son Jefferson Davis president of the Confederacy whose United States citizenship had just been restored. This meditation on the life of Jefferson Davis is probably the best short work about the American Civil War Both Davis and author Robert Penn Warren were born in Todd County Kentucky where today there is a white obelisk commemorating the life of the first and only president of the Confederate States of America And only about a hundred miles away in a poor white s cabin was born Abraham Lincoln As Warren wrote More than a contrast between Lincoln and Davis is involved The contrast lay in the two societies one embracing antiue values the other in the process of developing new onesWhy did the South lose the Civil War Warren s explanation puts it as followsOnce face to face with Lee unconuerable at the chessboard of war he fought a war of swap out knowing that only the balance sheet of blood could ensure victory He Grant had an incalculable amount of blood to swap And to make certain that the swap system worked to the utmost he refused after a battle any truce for the burial of the dead and the succor of the wounded By the same token he refused exchanges of prisoners his theory was that a man could as well serve the country starving the Andersonville the Confederate prison as standing in the battle line Unremitting pressure at any cost was the policy of a man who loathed the sight of blood but had come face to face with reality He was purely logical and after the war he stated the theory he had developed The art of war is simple enough Find out where your enemy is Get at him as soon as you can Strike him as hard as you can and keep movingAt battles such as Cold Harbor not a single wounded Confederate soldier survivedSo much of what has been written about the Civil War and its political and military leaders has been from the Yankee point of view It is refreshing to read a thoughtful southerner such as Robert Penn Warren or Shelby Foote cover the same groundJefferson Davis was a tragic figure who was foredoomed to lose the war and his reputation After the war what he wanted than anything else was his day in court to defend his decisions from start to finish But he never received that opportunity


DOWNLOAD Þ Jefferson Davis Gets His Citizenship Back Ninety years after his death by a special act of Congress From that nostalgic journey grew this reflective essay on the tragic career of Jefferson Davis not a modern man in any sense of the word but a conservative called t. A short meditation on the Lost Cause the life of Davis with particular attention paid to his imprisonment and the easy restoration of Davis citizenship in 1976 Warren s work represents an older time when Southerners grappled with mixed feelings on history and novelists in particular understood the tragic sensibility In our age the sentiment is mostly lost we seek enemies to destroy and Davis has become one of the arch villains of our history Perhaps he was Reading a book like this reminds me that interpretation and memory is never despite the efforts of the day total nor complete Warren himself grasps that memory is troubled and ephemeral until the last man dies we will always be searching in vain for the last word

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