Syndrome Read ✓ Blake Leibel

  • Hardcover
  • 104
  • Syndrome
  • Blake Leibel
  • English
  • 19 March 2018
  • 9781932386998

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Syndrome review Ø 103 Ywood actress a tormented motion picture director and a condemned serial killer Dr Wolfe Brunswick launches a bold experiment in the Nevada desert the outcome of which could transform humanity forever The Truma. This comic had a premise that intrigued me I always felt that a good overdose of empathy in everyone would go a long way in dealing away the problems of mankind but it doesn t take it far enough It ends halfway offering no real conclusion one way or the other I would have liked to see The Sabbath real conclusion one way or the other I would have liked to see

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Syndrome review Ø 103 N Show meets Se7en in Syndrome an inventive original graphic novel hardcover that serves as one of the first titles to be featured under Archaia's new Black Label line published in association with Fantasy Pron. This graphic novel has slick art and a compelling idea to work with but is only about one half as long as it ought to be By the time things are really heating up the book ends and the reader is left frustrated and unsatisfied The premise is that a doctor is working on curing people of being evil by surgically altering their brains He takes an unrepentant serial murderer and plops him into the middle of an elaborate constructed reality a la The Truman Show to see if he can surgically remove his evilIf the authors fleshed out the book some it could be really great as it stands it s still pretty good355 stars

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Syndrome review Ø 103 When a rogue neuropathologist makes a startling breakthrough literally isolating the root of all evil in the recesses of the human brain he'll stop at nothing to advance his theory With the help of a naive Holl. An uniue albeit tax payer straining approach to rehabilitation I loved the premises and how it built up but the denouement was kind of a killer ha ha no pun intended for me Despite that the book has left open a possibility for a seuel and I would pick it up in a flash