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Summary Les Recidivists Chance Assassin #2

Nicole Castle å 0 Read & Download Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook å Nicole Castle Les Recidivists Chance Assassin #2 Read & Download Ù 100 Two years following the events of Chance Assassin Frank and Vincent are living in France struggling with retirement And with each other When someone from Frank's past shows up and. THE BEST BOOK I VE READ ALL YEAR Wow that s a pretty big statement to make isn t it But if it s true it s true Ms Castle took her characters and her storyline from Chance Assassin My Review Here made them damaged fragmented cracked and then she doused them with even of the peculiar and hilarious depravity that she alone can dispense Every page every line was pure entertainment DEPRAVED IMMORAL DEBAUCHED OBSCENE DECADENT ROMANCE DYSFUNCTIONAL THE CHARACTERS Frank Poor beautiful guilty and sometimes clueless Frank It s all on his back Everything Maybe if he d get V on his back everything would be better already Because the guilt he felt was never over killing It was the lack of it the remorselessness which spoke of true evil Vincent V The most spoiled conceited outrageous brat in MM fiction and he deserves every damned spanking he asks for That was what made Vincent so perfect His raison d tre He was feminine to the point of being non threatening and masculine enough to prove Frank was homosexual after all Not to mention obscenely beautiful Casey Innocence incarnate Beautiful sweet gifted Throughout the book I wanted to protect him from anything dangerous or obscene but he s surrounded by it constantly In book 1 I may have thought Casey simple Here he s alive bright and fantastic He was a mere boy with a crush Hardly even handsome with his silly long hair He was androgynous the way models had become with an interesting than attractive face and a thin sexless body And he was an artist for fuck s sakes He probably didn t even have a criminal record Bella Barely five feet tall bitchy deadly and so damned funny I couldn t help but fall in love with her It takes a lot for me to fall for a female character these days but I d be Bella s bitch any day She d cut me though But who cares cus she d wrap me in mink kiss my head and then kick me She applied lipstick as she walked her Manolo Blahnik stiletto boots leaving holes in the snow like stab wounds THE STORY Vincent thinks we should kill all five of them He s bored Frank was also bored but unlike Vincent he had chosen retirement And that decision along with the reasons behind it continued to put a strain on their relationshipFull of snappy self aware immoralityFrank and Vincent have retired to the French countryside to live out their days as normal citizens Aww can you hear the birds singing in the trees and the dogs wagging their tales Well you could if it weren t for Vincent shooting at raw meat nailed to the trees to stay in shape Fortunately for us they aren t normal at all and retired life won t suit them for long Casey Frank s brother his mother and stepdad have come to visit andwell never mind because that doesn t matter at all What does matter is that Casey meets the most debauched and coutur d female in existence Enter Bella Frank s sister dripping from head to toe in Versace and weapons she is the rudest foulest meanest most wonderful character I ve had the pleasure of falling for Yep you heard me I fell for the female lead Even impossible is the dubious and uniue pairing of Casey and Bella For one minute I thought this het couple might steal the show and I was worried because this is MY gay romance dammit OH Yeah There is a huge twisted mystery packed with murder assassins blood death sex and intrigue In fact there s so much going on in this story from every angle that it s going to work your head Most of this book reads like the exciting ending of other books The energy and wit run throughout Bring your thinking cap cus Ms Castle is going to throw a lot your way THE WRITING First off you need to know that this book is written with alternating POV S which differs from Chance Assassin s first person present tense writing This matters because it isn t just Vincent s thoughts that we need to see in this book For me it didn t matter whether we were in V s Frank s Casey s or Bella s head it was all great and I just wanted of each one unlike when an author slips you into a POV that you just don t care aboutSecondly and maybe importantly is how much this author has improved her writing It s miles beyond her work in the first book Her already colorful characters are not only instantly memorable but they re also endearing Endearing assassins you say Yes I do say Lastly I m putting Nicole Castle on my uirky authors pedestal with my favorites Douglas Adams and Jasper Fforde Her creation of outlandish assassins tearing at your heartstrings deserves no less I would like to thank Nicole Castle for providing me with an ARCReview Copy in exchange for my honest review Take a look at my MaleMale Romance Book Blog

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Nicole Castle å 0 Read & Download Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook å Nicole Castle Les Recidivists Chance Assassin #2 Read & Download Ù 100 Em but they may be exactly what Frank and Vincent needTold in multiple points of view Les Recidivists takes you deeper into the world or assassinations art dealers and a new roman. 25 starsThe blurb is missleading the book is not about Vincent and Frank but about Casey and BellaWho are to put it with Bella s words plain fucking boringI did loved loved loved LOVED Chance Assassin and was really happy to read that the author would write a seuel Now I kinda wish I wouldn t have read this because the book was really disappointingWhile I like Casey I find him to less interesting for a bigger story He is the nice sidecharacter who you like when he appears but not have much own character to drive a plot although you can argue that the book has not much plot to begin with However Bella Bella is just annoying She is a whiny egocentric woman trapped in the mind of a little girl whose only interests lies in shopping designer clothes Nothing They love relationship is unbelievable and were going on my nerves because it is just you are fucking hot from Caseys side the reason he falls in love with her she is hot Great and you don t stop stalking and talking to me although I treat you like shit from Bellas sideThey both have no chemistry nothing Nada niente nixview spoilerAnd to get her pregnant was the worst plotdesicion ever Argh I wanted to screamSeriously not only that the most egocentric woman in this world gets pregnant Casey is immediately happy about it although they are sleeping just 3 to 4 months with each other and known each other for almost the same amount of time HeThey doesn tdon t even discusses it it s just you are pregnant Let me kiss you hide spoiler

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Nicole Castle å 0 Read & Download Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook å Nicole Castle Les Recidivists Chance Assassin #2 Read & Download Ù 100 Threatens to bring his personal and professional lives together with a bang it's up to them to find out who ordered the hit and take them out first Things may not be what they se. Leaving this unrated for now I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and I really wanted to love this too So am sad to say this was only disappointing to me I struggled heavily for the first half of the book I wanted way action for some interesting things to actually happen But what really killed my remaining interest was how much page time the MF couple got in this book I liked their brief appearances in the first book but here they seemed like different characters to me I just couldn t get into their POV chapters or the idea of them as a couple at all I was wholly uninterested in seeing their whole storyline play out when I would have preferred that time spent on Vincent and Frank or just action In the end I felt mostly bored for too long Sorry