Nicholeen Peck [kindle] Londyn LaRae Says Okay

  • Hardcover
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  • Londyn LaRae Says Okay
  • Nicholeen Peck
  • English
  • 08 April 2018
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Londyn LaRae Says Okay

Characters ↠ Londyn LaRae Says Okay 106 Gative conseuences until one day she notices that her friend Ellie May knows something she doesn't; the steps to following instruc. My children love this book especially since they are the main characters But they also told me that the story helps them remember to say okay Others have said Just wanted you to know that we just go London LaRae Says Ok in the mail and we absolutely love it I only wish we d had it a year ago when we first taught this skill Awesome job and so cute Will there be We received our copy of Londyn LaRae Says Ok today My almost 4 and 5 year old girls begged me to read it over and over My almost 4 year old said to me after I read it to her for the first time I want to be like Londyn LaRae and say okay And then you can sing the okay song about me Thank you grin

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Characters ↠ Londyn LaRae Says Okay 106 Tions This book is the first in a series of three meant to teach children the basics of self government The book can be ordered at. My 2 year old reads it to herself listing out the steps in her halted 2 year old speech Too cute

Characters Londyn LaRae Says Okay

Characters ↠ Londyn LaRae Says Okay 106 Six year old Londyn LaRae just can't seem to say okay when her parents and other adults give her instructions She keeps earning ne. Became interested in this book after attending a brilliant class taught by Nicholeen on social skills children should learnThis book is a life changer for young children probably older children too I just don t have those yet Applying the concepts found in this book and its companion Porter Earns a uarter has made our home a calmer peaceful place Having it presented in such an easy to read easy to understand children s book gives our kids the opportunity to read it over and over again which they doThis book and Porter Earns a uarter needs added to Goodreads anyone have given my husband and me such great tools for handling family life communicating with our children and teaching our children how to say ok how to disagree appropriately how to accept a no answerAwesome I would give it six stars if I could