Title : Many Ways to Say It
Format : Paperback
Pages : 96 pages
Publisher : Eva Saulitis
Language : English
ISBN : 9781597092425

Many Ways to Say It a collection of lyric poems is a series of prayers cries dispatches observational records secret messages weather reports daily logs love poems trespasses confessions letters and songs A trained marine biologist Eva Saulitis uses poetry as a tool to push past the laws of biology—objectivity and detachment—to get as close as she can get to the harsh inner and outer place she calls home Though chosen for her place reuires constant re negotiation and exploration Living for than two decades in coastal Alaska is like an arranged marriage rife with ambivalence and risk desire and loss The poems portray the difficult process of this kind of marriage of “marrying this chunk of earth the seasons mud and crack up” Close observation of natural phenomena is both the poet’s and the biologist’s method Thus these poems are dispatches from inner and outer wilderness white outs mountain tops swamps muskegs ecotones and woods The lover a second character in the poems is human and animal flesh and mineral mind and earth heart and weather Ultimately