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  • Paperback
  • 176
  • My Solo Exchange Diary Vol 2
  • Kabi Nagata
  • English
  • 03 February 2019
  • 9781626929999

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My Solo Exchange Diary Vol 2 Read & Download à 104 Read & Download My Solo Exchange Diary Vol 2 The seuel series to the award winning My Lesbian Experience with LonelinessLiving on her own is harder t. This is a type of book that can t be judged or evaluated because it is about the author s personal lifeHow can one evaluate the life of another and give stars through itThis is one of the topics the author deals with in this volume As she realized that in writing her life she ended up selling herself and putting not only her but her family in spotlightIn this volume the depression of Kabi appears with all its force again Her anxiety about thinking about the future and her career leads to a deep state of depression resulting in some major decisionsOne is that she decides to go back to live in her parents house and after a while she realizes that this shouldn t be cause for shame Another decision is to look for a clinic and stay for a while thereThe times spent in the clinic are difficult and troubled but she learns important things in this placeAnyway I really liked this volume and I don t know if there will be a continuation but if there is one I would definitely like to read Kabi inspires me and brings me hope that it is possible to live to survive even when everything inside you seems to tell you otherwisePS The oneshot within this volume was great too bringing interesting and critical reflection on society and its judgments

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My Solo Exchange Diary Vol 2

My Solo Exchange Diary Vol 2 Read & Download à 104 Read & Download My Solo Exchange Diary Vol 2 And a new perspective on her family she's doing her best to open up and become a warm compassionate pers. If you relate to her struggle it makes you think about your own wrongdoings that you didn t notice while in a bad emotional state

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My Solo Exchange Diary Vol 2 Read & Download à 104 Read & Download My Solo Exchange Diary Vol 2 Han Nagata Kabi expected Building relationships is difficult too but with a new friendship to cultivate. Progress as they say is a spiralI am deeply grateful to these books and their honesty about the mundane nature of recovery the struggle within success and how sometimes all the love we crave is already present in our lives we only need to become the version of ourselves who is ready to experience it I won t be surprised if this volume gets lower ratings than the first two The cultural dissonance about the treatment of mental health and the importance of family probably won t go over easily if a reader is unfamiliar with Japanese attitudes I am familiar with them but it was still stressful to read at times Moreover there s less the air of triumph about this volume setbacks than victories confusion than conclusions The theme of this book in contrast is perseverance And maybe that doesn t make for as enthralling a read something Nagata Kabi addresses textually in the second epilogue But it s still my life And that s why I m so grateful for it for the fact the books conclude on that note of still needing to strive still getting knocked down and back up again So many stories about mental health and self acceptance give the reader a pat narrative arc but that s not life Stories of success are essential they give us hope But life which My Solo Exchange Diary tries to honestly record can be complicated and with so many of us struggling there is the need for empathy and recognition just as much as hope These journeys to happiness are long and many people think a lack of concrete achievement means failure day after day after day But Nagata is so very good at sketching a picture out of dismissable and even miserable details that convalesces into a portrait of self forgiveness Even unhappiness and setbacks can teach us is the moral of these painful episodes and I d rather that message be broadcast out into the world the message that struggle is not failure You are worth fighting for even when you feel like you can t win for losing Five stars and not because of love for previous volumes or because I admire the author s overall effort This book earns every one of them