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review Nothing Left To Lose 103 R a while I did it with a team of government specialists and then the monsters found us and killed almost everyone and now I hunt them alone againThis is my storyIn this thrilling installment in the Joh. So incredibly unbelievably disappointed

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review Nothing Left To Lose 103 N Wayne Cleaver series Dan Wells brings his beloved antihero into a final confrontation with the Withered Nothing Left to Lose is a conclusion that is both completely compelling and completely unexpecte. Oh the mixed feelings First things first I am sad that John Cleaver s journey has ended He s a fascinating character and I have enjoyed following him on his dark tortured adventures In fact I would go so far as to say John is one of the uniue compelling fictional characters I have read in recent memory He s a deeply flawed difficult character but one whose self awareness and determined struggle against himself make the reader cheer for him all the same I have also enjoyed the genre bending nature of his stories it starts as a fairly grounded suspensethriller story but over time it has become and filled with supernatural horror elements For the most part these elements blend together uite well and make for great page turning storiesNow for of the mixed feelings part some of this will probably have to be spoiler tagged although I am happy to have John Cleaver in my life this follow up trilogy of his books has been a bit underwhelming at times Devil s Only Friend was a great beginning after that the last two books have meandered seemingly not sure of where their story is going or what they are trying to say about John Over Your Dead Body was the biggest offender in this regard as it was a road trip without end or destination despite some cool character work Even on the character front I ve felt that John himself has acted and out of character throughout this current series as he morphs into of a standard rugged hero type with a lot less inner anguish or dark yearnings This seems to peak in Nothing Left to Lose the final volume of this trilogy the ending feels out of tune or unearned based on what we know of JohnNothing Left to Lose was an improvement in plotting over the previous novel maybe I just prefer these books when John is rooted to one spot solving one specific Withered case at a time Anyway this novel takes place entirely in one small town in Arizona where wait for it a series of mysterious deaths have struck the populace The cops are puzzled everyone is nervous and John sees potential Withered everywhere Now that I am typing it all out I am realizing how derivative the plot is it s just Clayton redux Well if the formula works I guess it s okay to not fiddle with it This town unlike any in this new John Cleaver trilogy is fleshed out populated with a wide variety of colorful characters it s easier to get invested in the mystery when the well being of likable characters is at stake again just my opinion So the set up is pretty solid if unoriginal John has a few random encounters that are suitably creepy and put the reader into a state of suspense Who is responsible for the killings Why are people behaving so strangely What are these Withered capable of What will John have to overcome in order to finish off these Withered So far so good In the last third of the book though things start to go off the rails a bit and left me unsatisfied at the endview spoilerMaybe I have read too many of these but I suspected Margo was the villain from pretty early on simply because she was the least last one you d expect type of character and also due to her influence on the supporting characters I liked the idea of her being able to control both humans and other Withered but the idea was implemented inconsistently While I loved the thematic implications of Margo s powers and of her position at the mortuary dramatic symmetry Both for her and for John her ultimate fate felt WRONG For John to suddenly develop empathy and a protective feeling for a ten thousand year old creature who has freely confessed to killing countless innocents and creating who knows how many Witherednope It felt like a contradiction to John s entire uest to destroy the Withered He KNOWS Margo is still capable of great destruction he has committed his whole life to killing creatures just like her But because she reminds him of his own mother he suddenly goes soft despite everything the books have been building up to for years nowEven unbelievable than John s heel face turn is that of the FBI s NO WAY would they simply listen to John s flawed risky proposal and say Well okaythat sounds fine by us What happens when John diesbecomes a Witheredgets bored of babysitting an ancient demon What guarantee does anyone have that Margo will stay under control if John is out of the picture Who will deal with her then since John is the only one who has been capable of destroying the Withered Maybe I am an uncharitable person but I still see Margo as a huge threat who needs to be eliminated and for everyone to just let her be at the end felt too much like giving both her and John a happy ending not an ending consistent with their character arcs or any of their previous actions Oh and I am also pretty annoyed by the treacly teary family reunion for John at the end It rang very false to me And I was somewhat disappointed by Brooke s off screen one sentence character resolution I get that it was going to be hard to wrap up that thread of John s life but I still wish there had been a better way of doing it hide spoiler

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review Nothing Left To Lose 103 New York Times bestselling author Dan Wells continues his acclaimed John Wayne Cleaver series popular with fans of Dexter Hi My name is John Cleaver and I hunt monsters I used to do it alone and then fo. Yep He did it I know I shouldn t have doubted but still When you write a series about a sociopath fighting monsters and you make the reader care about that sociopath and actually about some of the monsters you are painting yourself into a bit of a corner How to end the series in a way that feels real but isn t just devastating to the readerThis This is how This is how you end a series that pulls no punches that gets super dark in a way that is satisfying and honest without being so depressing that the reader can never feel joy again And now for your disclaimer Do I love this series So much Do I recommend this series Yeee ess They are horror Dead bodies are described in detail both because of murders and because John works in a mortuary If descriptions of either dismemberment or embalming techniues bother you DO NOT READ THIS I have read the entire series and I own most of them But as I ve told Dan I get all his books from the library first because I m not sure if I can have them in my house permanently Mr Monster cannot live in my house Neither can The Hollow City which is a stand alone and a psychological thriller that freaked me RIGHT OUT So that s your disclaimer

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