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Nylund the Sarcographer Summary Ý 107 Ructional manual for its further use Michael Martone NYLUND THE SARCOGRAPHER is a baroue noir Its eponymous protagonist is a loner who tries to comprehend everything from the outside like a sarcophagus and with analogously ornate results The method by which the book was written and by which Nylund experiences th. Murder incest Department stores in some sort of noirish steampunkish past city Has paired well wthinking thru some writers on spacespaciality and the body Pathology of Nylund makes him hyper alert to space surface textures reveals and revels in the unbearability of what we move thru inhabit The mass of detail how it is vertiginous and sometimes intoxicating subverted my desire to assemble a linear narrative Just lingered where I was invited to Hurrah

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Nylund the Sarcographer Summary Ý 107 Fiction If Vladimir Nabokov wanted to seduce Nancy Drew he'd read her NYLUND THE SARCOGRAPHER one dark afternoon over teacups of whiskey Welcome to fiction's new femme fatale Joyelle McSweeney Kate Bernheimer You thought you knew your own language This book hands it back to you on a platter and includes the inst. 35 The muddy carpet had looked like the Seine at night streaked with pinky muddy light from the sky or like a rosebank after heavy rain or the aftermath of an allmale garden party kinky Nylund had walked by the large department stores and seen small nodes of women emerge wearing hats as if guiding a flotilla of flowery islands down a river of Nereids hair The effect proved artificial like a Victorian night charade each woman s head gleaming with a prow shaped coif which bore up the sheaf of flowers It was afternoon as Nylund watched this incredible current emerge and pull to a thread in both directions down the sidewalk then then out completely and disappear 17

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Nylund the Sarcographer Summary Ý 107 E world is thus called sarcography Sarcography is like negative capability on steroids; this ultra susceptibility entangles Nylund in both a murder plot and a plot regarding his missing sister Daisy As the murder plot places Nylund in increasing danger his sensuous memories become present than the present itself. crazy good and sad