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Orbitsville Summary ↠ 104 Ommander leaves the solar system far behind Pursued by Earth's space fleet Garamond finds. reviewsmetaphorosiscom 4 starsSpaceship commander Vance Garamond fleeing from the imperious president of Starflight follows an old map and discovers a vast empty Dyson sphere with only one entrance I was on NetFlix the other day and noticed a movie about two worlds floating one above the other It sounded a lot like Bob Shaw s Ragged Astronauts so I checked it out Unfortunately the first five minutes were so awful that I gave up But perhaps that s why when my wife asked for a recommendation I offered Orbitsville The Ragged Astronauts being a little too out there for her She didn t like it so naturally I re read it in the course of putting it back on the shelf I first found Bob Shaw through a paperback collection called Cosmic Kaleidoscope I was struck by his ability to write SF stories about people and not just gadgets at the time a relatively uncommon skill I d heard of Orbitsville but my suspicion of popular books meant I put off reading it for a while My mistake Orbitsville is one of those rare books deserving the praise it receives It s a small book and relatively simple but it works so well that it just sticks with you There s no one point where you say wow that was cool I think that it s just the realism of a story about a world the size of 5 billion Earths that works so well That plus the fact that despite cool technology the story is about people Garamond is one of the few characters fleshed out but he s credible at no point did I think Well I wouldn t do that In fact Garamond acts as I thinkhope I might despite moments of doubt self doubt and fearShaw is a known author and this book was a pretty big hit I ve never understood though why he didn t make it big Not all of his books are great but some of his work is on a par with Arthur C Clarke and somewhat similar in style Definitely under rated and I encourage you to check him out Start with Orbtisville or Cosmic Kaleidoscope if you can find it A very good book that I recommend to anyone who likes a good SF story about people

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Orbitsville Summary ↠ 104 A vast alien built spherical structure which might just change the destiny of the human ra. A starship captain finds himself in big trouble with a maniacal dictator on Earth and so flees with his wife and child to what he assumes is the vast emptiness of space But he and his crew find something a really really big somethingThe story was interesting enough but as with most full on sci fi I lost interest in the science y details of spaceflight and such

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Orbitsville Summary ↠ 104 Fleeing Elizabeth Lindstrom's anger at the death of her son Vance Garamond a flickerwing c. He was a man who had looked on many worlds in his lifetime yet his face was the face of a man in shockYou ll be forgiven if Orbitsville reminds you a lot of Ringworld Both deal with megastructures around a star Around a star just in case you missed that part these things are huge Where the Ringworld is obviously a ring Orbitsville is in actual fact a Dyson Sphere you can go look it to up That s to say it s completely enclosed like one of those hollow Christmas decorations Now imagine the sun as a pinhead exactly in the middle to get an idea of scale As far as I can tell He swallowed painfully As far as I can tell the object out there the thing we have discovered is a spaceship over three hundred million kilometres in diameter Before everybody is up in arms these aren t spoilers I m chucking around here You only need to read a few of the synopses on the novel and you ll already be aware of all this There just happens to be an actual story with actual plot events surrounding this artifact The problem as with Ringworld and other similar novels is that the Big Dumb Object inevitably upstages everything else turning plot and characterisation into a footnote of something much much bigger And that is probably where Orbitsville s shortcomings start shining through On the uestion of whether it was a natural or an artificial object he would venture no professional opinionThat s not to say Orbitsville is a bad book it s everything but I still prefer Ringworld but I really enjoyed reading this novel It s big idea Science Fiction on Sense of Wonder overdrive There was a time when good ol sensawunda was considered de rigueur in the genre That and a cracking yarn could sell books I just love the way novels like these can bend my mind As a tale of exploration Orbitsville isn t as successful as I would have liked Inevitably there are precious few answers provided to the enigma that is O and due to the sheer size of everything only a miniscule part of the artefact is actually explored The novel sits somewhere between the adventure tales of the Golden Age of Science Fiction and the edgy and harder modern stories However it doesn t sit uite as comfortable as say again Ringworld in my opinion The story in Orbitsville gets wrapped up very abruptly after a rather winding build up and not to my complete satisfaction However this is a bona fide classic and recommended for lovers of Artifacts in Science Fiction There are two seuels as far as I know He found that trying to comprehend its size produced an almost physical pain between his temples The object was big enough by astronomical standards so large that with Sol positioned at its centre the Earth s orbit would be within the shell assuming that the outer surface was a shell It was so huge that from distances which would have reduced Sol to nothing than a bright star it was clearly visible to the unaided eye as a disc of blackness against the star clouds of the galactic lensNow that s what I m talking about

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