Title : ABCs of Bible Prayer
Format : Paperback
Pages : 208 pages
Publisher : Glenn A. Coon
Language : English
ISBN : 9780828020237

uick Overview I found in my agony of searching something for which I have been continually grateful I found the ABC’s of prayer In Matthew 77 I learned the ‘A’ of prayer ‘Ask and it shall be given you’ In Mark 1124 I learned the ‘B’ of prayer ‘Believe’ Believe that you have received the answer Isn’t that simple Yes the rudiments are simple but to do it is something else To kneel down before God and open His book to any one of the 3573 promises or clusters of promises and place my hand on it and ask God with the simplicity of a little child to fulfill this promise in my behalf and then believe He will do it simply because He has promised is not a complicated thing The ‘C’ is the prayer of reception And this I had to learn after having preached for many years The ‘C’ is to claim the promise for which I have asked and which I have told God I believe I claim it by returning thanks that I have received it This is the secret that had eluded me for many years Contents Dedication We Are Thrilled God’s Nail–Poem At the End of My Rope From Nightmare to Dreamland In Agony I Sought Infatuated From Drunkard To Counselor Walking Away With Victory Thrilling Financial Solutions Our Amazing Healings The Doctrine of Non Retaliation Guided by Visions and Dreams Lord’s Day Problems Solved Too Promises For The Time of Trouble