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review ✓ Elusive Obsession Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Herself falling for this brooding magnate's charms Now she's engaged to her enemy but will the wedding proceed once the truth comes ou. The heroine is 21 year old super model Devine Di The hero is 39 year old super tycoon Reese Falcon He is also the man that Diane hates and blames for her father s death Having met Reese s son chris Diane decides to encourage his interest as a means of coming in contact with Reese and to exact revenge When the heroine wass 9 years old she overheard her father arguing with the hero and her father blaming reese for him losing everything After Reese left she then heard her father shoot himself She was naturally severely traumatised and even so when all the family wealth was gone and she was left with a nasty step motherAs usual in H land she had misunderstood the situation which of course is necessary in order to have a HEA I actually prefer that in this story it is the h seeking revenge because she can t hang on to her anger and hatred as long as usually happens when it is the H seeking revenge I enjoyed the story believed the HEA and truly liked the epilogue

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review ✓ Elusive Obsession Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Diana Lamb wanted revenge When powerful enigmatic billionaire Reece Falcon seduced her stepmother her father committed suicide and Dia. I rated this four stars for the intense emotions it invoked in me and the I couldn t put it down factorwow This is a theme of revenge not my favorite plot yet there is a uniue twist to the story because it is the heroine that is out to avenge her father s suicide The book opens with a prologue of her as a young child listening behind the curtains in her father s office She hears the hero arguing with her father prior to his storming out and then the fatal gunshotthat kills her father This is one strong heroine that isn t swayed from her mission and doesn t cave to those feelings of lust all the while despising the hero another convenient trope that I dislike She stays true to the course of her mission and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up I highly recommend this book if you want a different absorbing read

review ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Carole Mortimer

review ✓ Elusive Obsession Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Na is determined to make Reece pay for her lossBut in getting close to Reece to better exact her revenge successful model Diana finds. Intense story with a potentially triggering opening heroine witnesses her father s suicide Heroine s family lost everything and heroine has blamed the hero ever since She concocts a revenge scheme find a way to alienate the hero from his sonYes our hero is 39 and has a 20 year old son Heroine is 21 In a fun opening the heroine meets the hero while modeling a wedding gown Hero wants to hate her for messing up his plans for his son s life but he is wildly attracted Unfortunately the son is engaged to another while he s proposing to the heroine so once that deception is uncovered the field is clear for the hero to pursue herAn average reader would think that the heroine can now turn down the hero and have her revenge that way but she has traitorous body syndrome and is in love sigh I don t know why this heroine thought the hero was such a prize He was a terrible father a terrible husband to his first wife He s ruthless in business and that guilt money he set aside for the heroine at the time of her father s death step mother used it is too little too late to make him an honorable man This is a fascinating story just not a convincing romance Boogenhagen has all the details in her excellent review

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