I Hate Myselfie (Read) By Shane Dawson

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  • I Hate Myselfie
  • Shane Dawson
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  • 04 January 2019
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I Hate Myselfie characters ð 7 Shane Dawson Õ 7 Free read Summary I Hate Myselfie Net persona and takes us deep into the experiences of an eccentric and introverted kid who by observing the strange world around him developed a talent that would inspire millions of fans Intelligent hilarious heartbreaking and raw I Hate Myselfie is a collection of eighteen personal essays about how messy life can get when you’re growing up and how rewarding it can feel when the clean up is pretty much do. I don t know about anyone else but for me THIS GUY IS A LEGEND For someone I ve never met to cause such an intense dislike of his person just because of a book There s just no two ways about it it can only mean one thing he is legendary I am not joking when I say that throughout this book I just kept going That s just racist That s so sexist That s just racist That s so sexist ANDTHATISJUSTMEANAnd then there s this Even as a young kid I remember wondering Is my mom a whore THAT S JUST COLD SLUT SHAMING HIS OWN MOTHER That s what happens when you re trying so hard to be coolAnd someone said he was just trying to be funny Where exactly do I insert my laughter Funny Really A HELL NOI can t even say crap like that about my mama to myself because funny is the last thing I ll ever be She can smell treachery from a mile away I wouldn t be surprised at all if she even came after me with a cane while I was in bed at night I d welcome it That kind of crap warrants some repentance to be flogged into me What can I say It s possible people like this book but as for me I WON T EVEN BOTHER WASTING ANY OF MY STARS WHEN WILL I STOP BEING CURIOUS I SWEAR ONE DAY MY CURIOSITY WILL BLIND ME

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I Hate Myselfie characters ð 7 Shane Dawson Õ 7 Free read Summary I Hate Myselfie Ng the celebrity and Internet world has the nerve to dish out is a guy who grew up in a financially challenged but loving home in Long Beach California and who suffered all the teasing and social limitations that arise when you’re a morbidly obese kid with a pretty face your mom is your best friend and you can't get a date to save your lifeIn I Hate Myselfie Shane steps away from his larger than life Inter. EDIT Initially I gave this book two stars I retract that If I could give it negative stars I would Book contains misogyny fat shaming slut shaming I was given an e ARC in exchange for an honest review If this review seems harsh I am not sorry at all I am not the biggest fan of Shane Dawson I could never get behind the hype of this character that he portrayed Up until a few months ago I d never seen any of his videos When I learned that he was going to have a book published just like all the other YouTubers wereare yawn I decided I should at least watch one of his videos So I watched a collab he had done with Tyler Oakley I wasn t impressed but I was still interested in seeing who Shane really was With an inside look at the real person I am still not entirely sure that I like him From the misogyny to the fat shaming there was nothing to like about this If this is who Shane Dawson really is I am glad that I ve never supported him in anyway I suspect most of the stories to be falsified to a certain degree despite being labeled non fiction Honestly I probably wouldn t recommend it TRIGGER WARNING FOR THE FOLLOWING UOTES fat shaming slut shaming misogyny date rape Misogynistic uotes from his bookI wasn t the prettiest girl at the prom but I was definitely good enough to get date raped One day she came up to me with an idea I knew was bad from the second it left her dick suckin lipsFat shaming uotes from his bookIt s the same feeling a wicker chair gets when a circa 2006 Kelly Clarkson takes a seat TENSESlut shaming uotes from his bookA wise person once said Prom is only for whores and for the guys who want to fuck themThis book was honestly disgusting

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I Hate Myselfie characters ð 7 Shane Dawson Õ 7 Free read Summary I Hate Myselfie The book that than 12 million YouTube subscribers have been waiting for Shane Dawson’s memoir features twenty original essays uncensored yet surprisingly sweetFrom his first vlog back in 2008 to his full length film directorial debut Not Cool Shane Dawson has been an open book when it comes to documenting his life But behind the music video spoofs TMI love life details and outrageous commentary on everythi. I ve known the name Shane Dawson since I was about 13 and first started watching YouTube but for a long time I wasn t a fan of him I didn t understand his crude humor and I found him abrasive rather than funny In the past few years however I started growing fond of his internet presence And especially this year with his new video format he has me laughing at every video and I find myself unable to wait for his next videos because they re some of my favorite content on YouTube at the momentBecause of my newfound appreciation for Shane I decided I d pick up his two books of essays to learn about him and see if they re just as funny as he is on camera And wow If you re a fan of 2018 Shane Dawson do not pick up this bookIt s a slap in the face because it reverts right back to that problematic gross 2011 humor This book was back to back jokes about rape bestiality incest and other distasteful topics that made me frown in disgust rather than laugh He also references his history of being fat with very fatphobic hindsight so much so that it was almost disturbing to read I thought some of these stories were entertaining especially because I ve seen his mom and other people he mentioned in his videos and it s interesting to hear about growing up and his childhood but he would make self aggrandizing jokes rather than opening up to the audience and most of those jokes were just so poorly doneEven the stories inside the book felt so fake There are several points where you just know he s making up a story or dialogue and it s so obvious I don t know how he got away with writing about a situation that s so obviously fake but I was rolling my eyes at half the dialogue because it was just so clear that he was embellishing his stories for a joke By the end of the book I didn t trust what was real and what wasn t because he made everything hyperbolic in order to deliver a mediocre punchlineIf I were Shane I would be ashamed that this book exists He s grown so much since this point in his life especially in the way his humor has evolved and even though he says he wants to be able to joke around in a way that s harmless and say things that other people are afraid to most of the humor in this book is just plain offensive I know he s learned from his mistakes so I m still going to try his second book but skip this one if you re a fan of Shane It s very messy