Title : NutJob
Format : Kindle Edition
Pages : 32 pages
Publisher : Micah Moss
Language : English

Have you ever watched a suirrel I mean REALLY watched one Author Micah Moss has and he's harvested a bushel of productivity tips from these energetic creatures and shares them with you in NutJob A Suirrel's Dozen Secret Tips to ProductivityNutJob is a microcosmic gaze into the world of ultra productive suirrels; through uirky humor Micah brings it full circle and shows how these principles manifest in his own writing regimen These little chapters have big missions that fill over 40 pages of escape and introspection Enjoy hanging out with these small wonders and who knows You just might learn somethingMicah is a partner of One Day's Wages; 5% of the author's proceeds are donated to help sustain ODW's Operations Budget