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free read Space Cadet õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB This is the seminal novel of a young man's education as a member of an elite paternalistic non military organization of leaders dedicated to preserving human civilization the Solar Patrol a provocative parallel to Heinlein's famous later novel Starship Troopers Only the. This novel was exactly what I expected it to be and in that sense I certainly wasn t disappointed Space Cadet is not as complex as some of other Heinlein s works I read but that is hardly surprising taken that it is basically a YA novel targeted at boys I didn t expect too much from Space Cadet and the main reason why I picked it up was because it was written by Heinlein There was nothing surprising about the book itself it was a simple moralistic YA story with a bit of science and food for the thought thrown in I ended up enjoying it as the concept of Space Cadets and Space Patrol proved interesting enough and it kept my interest In many ways this book reminded me of Spaceship Troopers but it felt a bit juvenile in tone How would I describe this novel Space Cadet is a lovely vintage SF book that has aged well It is uite typical of Heinlein s writing of the time It follows the adventures of young Matt who decided to join a prestigious space organization that is military in organization but is a scientificpeacemaking organization Matt didn t interest me too much as a protagonist neither did the other characters I guess the whole story was too YA to keep me on my toes but I was fascinated by the concepts of the above mentioned Space Patrol and I enjoyed reading about it This novel was written for a young audience so it might be boring to some adults I didn t find it boring at all but that is probably because I have grown up loving SF so for me personally these kind of books are classics of a kind and make me feel nostalgic I would primarily recommend Space Cadet to fans of Heinlein and to younger readers of SF

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free read Space Cadet õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ce of the solar system for the benefit of allBut before Matt Dodson can earn his rightful place in the ranks his mettle is to be tested in the most severe and extraordinary ways ways that change him forever from the midwestern American boy into a man of the Solar Patrol. 40 starsAt first perusal Robert Heinlein s Space Cadet seems a strange novel But upon reflection October 29 1929The United States Stock Market undergoes its final crash Only a few months prior a hopeful young man Robert A Heinlein 22 years old graduates from the US Naval Academy with a degree in Naval EngineeringAugust 1934Five years later in the midst of the Great Depression Lieutenant Heinlein 27 years old still a young man spends weeks in a hospital then to be discharged from military service due to tuberculosisSeptember 1 1939Mr Heinlein turns 32 years old and across the Atlantic Adolph Hitler s tanks cross over into Poland thereby starting officially World War II the world s second total war December 7 1941Japan attacks the United States Naval Base Pearl Harbor Robert Heinlein then 34 years old sees the installations of his previous military branch devastated and subseuently his country enter the warSeptember 8 1944Germany puts into action the retribution or vengeance weapon and the V 2 rocket attacks begin Robert is then 37 years oldFrom his naval academy graduation and commissioning forward from the beginning of his adult life to the dawn of his middle age Robert A Heinlein like his contemporaries experienced an entire world s furious descent into total war and destructionAmidst this Robert Heinlein begins writing his then fourth career And as he turns 40 years old two years after the war s end his strange novel Space Cadet heads to the publisher then appearsThe novel s strangeness comes from the incongruity between its genre science fiction adventure its then intended audience juveniles and the serious and very mature ideas which the novel presents But then this author writing of some fictional future world apparently decided to write for some real future peopleAnd so given the events that pervaded his entire adult life Heinlein in Space Cadet pens a possible future where Peace is the way Indeed given the atomic arsenal described in the novel Peace is the only way And following this his young characters boys young men thereby achieve excellence through selflessness care continual learning study and right moral actionThis main idea of peace the author reinforces by exploring war annihilation and peace the many and the one sacrifice the self and the other racism and private interest and glory seeking opposed to the good the noble and the just And underlying these Heinlein obliuely lays a foundation of the outward contest aspect of males in relief against the domestic familial and caring aspect of females Additionally this early novel seems in some ways to be a precursor to the worlds Heinlein later buildsGiven the novel s various accompanying artwork plot summary and blurb a reader may expect a fast paced adventure story with all the accompanying sci fi gadgets Unfortunately or fortunately the reader learns that Heinlein weighs down both with extensive reinforcement of his ideas and technical explicationsYet Heinlein s novel still captivates The dynamic between the Patrol s ideals and the self interest of the Federation s citizenry becomes not only timeless but especially today prescient The very deliberate creation of Venerian society as matriarchal and bisexual in today s discourse Heinlein s meaning translates to asexual coupled with dialogue about race and recognition of a people anticipates a changing United States and hopefully a better society and culture Lastly Heinlein presents an indictment against human nature itself describing man human kind as innately possessing a cussedness And this surprising statement provides an even greater motivation to present and explain the Patrol s inspiring philosophy of excellenceDespite all the accomplishments Space Cadet still has obstacles for the reader The author s obscuring of the cadets ages for over half the novel becomes a most frustrating experience though finally he does provides an anchoring clueThough many readers may enjoy a novel in which the first two thirds of the narrative follow a character through a military course some military or veteran readers may find this incredibly boring The author saves himself and the reader though by providing somewhat detailed explanations of the science behind the workable ships and gadgetryAdditionally though a sci fi adventure novel the author nevertheless stretches believability with a particular major event and the super trooper fix it abilities of some of the characters Lastly Heinlein s cadet characters suffer from a lack of development Even a sentence or two for each cadet could have further distinguished each from the otherBecause he writes in layers Heinlein saves his novel from its worn military coming of age plot structure by giving attention to actual science creating a specific and prescient political landscape and balancing the adventure with serious and even dark ideas And through his world building he suggests a positive future one hopeful despite a history of such devastationFor such a little young adult adventure narrative Heinlein presents very big fundamental and pressing ideas What is civilization for example And so despite frustrations Space Cadet makes uite an impressionAnd given the recent popularity of Collins The Hunger Games series Space Cadet could return to the bookshelves then land into the hands of young people once again Perhaps then this novel will not seem so strange Out of a seemingly driving curiosity I could not help but check on this novel s Lexile Level Unfortunately those reviewers apparently have not yet scored itHmmm That is strange

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free read Space Cadet õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Best and brightest the strongest and the most courageous ever manage to become Space Cadets at the Space Academy They are in training to be come part of the elite guard of the solar system accepting missions others fear taking risks no others dare and upholding the pea. I first read this book over 35 years ago and recently came across a 2nd hand copy at a book sale so decided to delve into it again Other reviewers have given pr cis of the story so I won t go there suffice to say it is a classic of Heinlein s early work Yes it is simple but never condescending the plot as ever moving along at a rapid pace dragging us through an alternate future history I thoroughly enjoyed it and for a couple of days was there with Matt Tex and Oscar wondering what the patrol was going to challenge them with next Having now read 4 of Heinlein s books in a row this book Past through tomorrow both volumes and the best of I remember why I used to have so many Heinlein s paperbacks in the early 70s where did they go So onto the next now which shall it be

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