Title : The Cowboys and Diapers Collection
Format : Kindle Edition
Pages : 60 pages
Publisher : Kimberly Chase
Language : English

Four delicious tales of lustful young cowboys getting diapered and diapered hard You won't want to miss this four story collection of ABDL gay cowboy age play an 1196 value yours for only 499 This collection contains Diapering the New Boy on the Ranch Diapered by the Cowboy Diapered on the Ranch Diapering the New Ranch Hand Excerpt Diapered by the Cowboy My heart was pounding like a drum now as he lowered my underwear I felt the cool night air on my ass cheeks and goosebumps immediately covered my skin And then before I knew what was going on I felt something odd being wrapped around my hips It was a diaper The soft plastic felt cool and pleasant and warm at the same time enclosing my butt and my cock My body strained against the diaper for a minute but then I gave in Tom what are you doing Stop this” “If you’re going to act like a baby I’ll treat you like a baby And baby’s need diapers” Tom said his hand rubbing my cock through the diaper My dick strained at the crotch of the diaper pressing deliciously against the soft plastic “No I’m not a baby” Tom slapped my ass “Sounds like baby needs a spanking” He forced the diaper down suddenly once again revealing my bare ass “No Tom I don’t need a spanking” “Babies can’t talk And that’s Sir remember” And with that Tom slapped my ass hard I yowled and bent over the fence hard sueezing my eyes shut Goddamn but it hurt the diaper sitting just below my burning ass Tom spanked me again and again and I kept yowling like a stuck pig shifting uncomfortably against the diaper as my ass burst into figurative flames with each slap of my boss’s hand Warning This massive filthy 17000 word collection of four hot stories of gay ABDL cowboy age play is not for the faint of heart Reader discretion is advised