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The Kindness of Women Read & Download Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read The Kindness of Women Ts his earlier account of a boy’s experiences in occupied Shanghai in the context of a lifetime Ballard’s eye h. Masterful storytelling challenging our perceptions of conventionAfter reading a literary disaster The WallCreeper by Nell Zink I was over the top relieved to be introduced to a true storyteller in reading The Kindness of Women by JG Ballard As I understand this is the seuel to Empire of the Sun which I did not read I d usually read the first one beforehand but in this case I was too eager to read Kindness to bother This book is so rich Ballard leaves nothing bare painting and building every detail until it s a rich impasto of color and sound His writing is superb the easy prose of a storyteller at home in his wordsWe begin with the protagonist as a young boy in Shanghai living in colonial bliss with his parents and Russian immigrant Nanny Olga The boy James is fascinated by war but the undercurrent we immediately begin to feel is his fascination with the women in his life This fascination is not however one dimensional There are layers upon layers of intrigue When James gets his wish and war breaks out he is separated from his parents and placed into a Japanese internment camp He meets Peggy the first of many women he meets throughout his life that gives him a dose of the kindness of womenWhen the war is over he moves back to England and is lost for a time searching for who he is and what he wants to be But Shanghai has a hold on him and the war and he can t ever let that go even as he settles in a small town in the countryside with his wife and three childrenWhen tragedy strikes James on a vacation to Spain he is left to care for his three children alone One of the most poignant and beautiful scenes in the book occurs upon his return home when in his despair and grief a woman whom no one could suspect comes to his aid using her body and love for him to salve his emptiness and feelings of lossAnd this is the main theme of the story these women who parade in and out of James s life women who give him a piece of himself he didn t know he had lost so long ago in China As he moves through the information age of television in the sixties and seventies through strange dabblings with hallucinogenic drugs his perceptions of reality get tested again and again but the love he has for the various women in his life ground him bring him back to the comfort of home and the juxtaposition of his wandering soul versus his craving for a provincial lifeThe end of the book brings him full circle to where he d began his adventures in China and I was also brought full circle as he speaks of the women he has known I was given a glimpse into his reverence for the female mind body soul that left me with a sense of reverence for the intricacies and variations in human relationships how utterly complex and nuanced they are how incredibly fragile yet resilient our existence isBeautifully written soulful and rich this story takes convention and stretches our ideas of morality and causes them to groan with pleasure at the expansion I m eager to discover of JG Ballard

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The Kindness of Women

The Kindness of Women Read & Download Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read The Kindness of Women As never been cinematic and his writing especially in the love scenes is a masterful blend of the raw and the tende. I prefered this one to Empire of the Sun I guess it s because Empire was confined to a limited area mostly prisoner of war camps This book scaled many years starting with the end of the war and ending when Jim was in his 50 s It was interesting to read about his move to England and how the war had affected him I really felt for him in this book and followed his life with interest I am glad that i read this one as i enjoyed it uite a lot

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The Kindness of Women Read & Download Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read The Kindness of Women Ballard here writes a brilliant hybrid of autobiography and fiction The seuel to The Empire of the Sun this work pu. Rather than The Kindness of Women perhaps this novel should be called The Secretions of Women In a seuence of sexual encounters described in forensic detail for no discernible reason bodily fluids ooze from every orifice These graphic and sometimes disgusting descriptions of the sexual life are soaked in sweat blood and mucus Ballard s women with all their lumps and bumps their spots and scars are as clinically described as is the female cadaver that he dissects as a medical student at CambridgeThere is nothing erotic about this but then the book is not intended as a work of erotic fiction The novel is heavily autobiographical told chronologically in a series of episodic chapters but with uneven and sometimes lengthy passages of time from one chapter to the next It opens in 1937 in Shanghai at the beginning of the second Sino Japanese war We follow Jim the author s fictional self from his Shanghai beginnings and his wartime experiences to Cambridge as a medical student and then to Canada as a trainee RAF pilot Jim then appears as a married man in Shepperton and we follow him through his adult life with chapters describing the cultural and social revolution of the 1960s and references to the novels that Ballard wrote during that time The novel ends rather neatly when Jim returns to his childhood beginnings in Shanghai by way of participating in the filming of Empire of the Sun his first autobiographical novel set in war time Shanghai The filming takes place at Shepperton studios a mere stone s throw from his homeBallard was a child prisoner of war at the Lunghua camp in Shanghai and his wartime experiences were to have a lasting effect on his life and his worldview A particular incident when Ballard witnessed the cruel murder of a Chinese youth by Japanese soldiers at a wayside railway station seems to have haunted Ballard throughout his life Both of these events are described in the early chapters of the The Kindness of Women Ballard s adult life was also beset by tragedy when his wife died in her early 30s of an infection while on holiday in Spain This tragic event is fictionalised in the novel as an accident that results in a fatal head injuryThe kindness of the women in this novel refers to their role in helping Ballard come to terms with the atrocities he witnessed as a child and to help him overcome his grief at the loss of his wifeThis is almost a very fine novel but ultimately unsatisfying Ballard wrote that the novel represented my own life seen through the body of fiction that was prompted by that life Anyone not familiar with much of Ballard s work might therefore struggle to make sense of some of the novel s episodes I am one of those people

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