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The Shadow The Sun Militess Mage #1 Read ¶ 100 S never met a man she couldn’t command or crush Until nowPassion and power unexpectedly ignite when a blizzard traps Halina at Gethen's citadel With the evil entity’s onslaughts rapidly deteriorating Gethen’s sorcery they have little time to understand their unexpected attraction But could their passion be the key to defeating an ancient enemy that’s hell bent on obliterating their wor. 34 They saved the world stars I took a gamble on this book because Grace Draven mentioned as it went up on and I really liked the cover then I was intrigued by the blurb Nothing unheard of but there was just something both characters seemed so strong I hoped the author would pull it off enemies to lovers convincing magic I was not disappointed The author opens the door to her world all at once no slow introductions All is there and all is believable Neighbouring kingdoms whose hostilities have dangerously escalated a bastard warrior princess who can never stop proving how formidable and useful she is in a typical backstabbing court a powerful shadow mage who is nothing like we expect him to be caught in between duties trying to stay neutral and trying to save the world from an otherwordly danger The writing is precise almost flawless the worldbuilding vivid and simple to grasp the fantasy and magic utterly convincing The description of Gethen s Citadel Ranith and its polar opposite sunny insular Or Halee are some of my favourite parts I was transported instantly feeling like I was actually walking up and down both structures either fighting not to be frozen to death or languidly getting high on perfumes light and warmth All characters are well defined easy to relate to Gethen s servants were just perfect even if a bit stereotypical the villains were villains gloating about their own crueltyIt was a bit of a slow beginning but then the story really sucks you in I could not put it down it kept growing on me It s the dark magic the danger the mystery to solve running against the clock the political games and of course the relationship between the main characters Alina is a warrior An experienced ferocious skilled take no prisoners warrior Proud liberal with her body not with her affections loyal to her denizens and even her evil father She is scarred unashamed of her body she knows its strength and respects its limits Throughout the book she never whines she s never lost afraid of being sexual or helped when needed Damn that was a refreshing female fighting lead She s not perfect in any way but she s not your typcal snarky kick ass wanna be She kicks ass period She knows her value and once she accepts a charge she s all in her life on the line Gethen is a shadow mage on the brink of transforming into something else his powers depleting unsure of what his new magic will entail and how he will be able to wield it worried about the safety of the world than his own unwilling to serve anyone but his own values More of a healer and a safeguard against crossovers from the Void than an evil necromancer because that s who he chose to be despite the life that had been decided for him and how they tried to mold him He might not want to mingle with petty human uarrels but he s rooted in nature in animals in life He deeply cares For those of you who love adventure and suspense to lead instead of romance you will be happy The romance is a thin red line something subtle and precious blooming amongst all the perils they have to face but is not the main focus Dangers and creeping evil are coming from all sides This couple of opposites will mistrust each other for almost three uarters of the story and there is only ONE sex scene The growing UST and slowburn though were magnificent So many little and big things were driving them towards each others and apart at the same time the admiration the yearning the intensity of every little physical contact scorching due to their brevity These two had dead Shadow Mages Rime Witches all kind of demons magical monsters and natural disasters to fight they had their priorities straight The only sex scene we got was sensual than descriptive it came as the very much needed confirmation of their bond and desire but it also had a purpose in the development of the plot in Gethen s future And I loved that till the end in that scene he checked on her sought permission He could have beguiled her a million times but no He wanted all of her he wanted to be wanted just as much StillI would have liked steam I had been waiting for that one scene for SOO LOOONG sighWhy not give 4 full stars or even 5 stars if so many elements were so good Because after much thinking some of the good things were also the same I had to slightly criticize both Gethen and Alina have strong cores they had to fight to survive they were both abused andor ignored growing up and they literally had to build themselves physically and mentally to survive and grow in their skills They made choices even when all choices had been taken away from them I liked that the author didn t decide to play little shrink and heavily refer to their past the little photographs she drops here and there about their past are very neat yet I feel that could be done with it Especially with Alina it could have been much less vague I understood much Gethen and his way of beingthinking than I did Alina and I mostly felt for him Gethen is a vegetarian and the way he touches and handles his wolves and all the other forest s animals made me fall for him like a block yet when the Rime Witch commits the biggest atrocity against all his animals we didn t get the emotional response that I would expect from his character They were hunted and hunting pressed for time and he was enragedbut I missed some painstrangely Alina was moved in this situation than he seemed Alina is amazingly strong maybe too much She never once says I love you I don t think this is a sign of independence or strength Not being able to say it or openly feel it is actually a big problem in my opinion Perhaps she was unfamiliar with the emotion but still I know there are different thinking schools about it I need to say it I need to hear it even if just once We know she cares and worries we see she loves him but she never opens up Gethen on the contrary is so straightforward with her declaring his desire admiration and love without a second thought no matter the dire situations they were in Sometimes a funny comeback is all that s needed some other times both characters need to be on the same emotional wavelength without it meaning melassafilled lines for the scene to be really gripping and to make me cheer for the couple I missed some of this with Alina Even before his transformation I found Gethen so much warmer than her It detracted even from the best moments for me I liked the danger the horror and the magic so much I wanted angst the fight scenes were so good The hints the author gave us before something bad was about to happen or someone was about to turn were SO transparent to me that I wondered a bit about the sharpness of the characters in certain moments I would have preferred to be completely surprised and shocked Also some adjectives and decriptions were too repetitiveEven with these remarks I thoroughly enjoyed this reading and I would recommend it to anyone in search of a strong non bitchy female lead a hot sensitive non self centered mage and light but perfectly constructed magic fantasy Some elements will remind you of Grace Draven I will certainly continue with this serie I hope to read about these formidable two as well

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The Shadow The Sun Militess Mage #1 Read ¶ 100 Price for her aid is steep his allegiance in a war against his brother In battle or in bed she’s never met a man she considered her matchMilitess Halina is undaunted by the threat of war between her country and neighboring Besera She earned her titles by shedding blood and breaking bones She uses her body to reward soldiers who serve her loyally and to punish those who don’t And Halina’. This was an unusual fantasy story in a lot of ways starting with Halina She s a capable respected military commander and warrior and openly not uite aggressively sexual Pairing her up against and later with Gethen a wizard of ferocious and disreputable reputation made for an interesting tension as they go back and forth between a lot of different relationship axes attraction power family politics trustIndeed most of the draw of the story at least for me was the two main characters and their interactions Which is good because the setting is a bit sparse which kind of surprised me You get glimpses of different cultures and people and lands and nexuses of power and I can t help feeling like the magic could be interesting if we knew anything concrete about it But glimpses is mostly all we getSo it s a good thing the plot is decent and the threat had weight And that Pierce keeps the story moving along at a good clip There were some mild bumps and a few expectations that tripped me up like the marked coin that made me expect a specific clumsy twist only to allay that expectation and then have a milder form show up after all but for the most part I was simply enjoying myself and the story as it unfoldedSo this is a weak four star read because of interesting characters and some good setting dynamics despite being a bit light weight that dipped a bit sometimes but managed to end strong and fulfill my expectations for the things I cared about mainly Gethen and Halina becoming a coupleteamA note about Steamy I actually expected sex than there was giving how nearly aggressive Halina is We got a single explicit sex scene with some strong flirting and such So the lower end of my steam tolerance I do wish Pierce had addressed how it is a woman could be so promiscuous in a fantasy mostly low magic world without fear of unwanted pregnancy andor disease It wouldn t have taken much than a hand wavy herb or talisman or something Also view spoilerI m not a big fan of the sex solves things mechanic and this was the enhanced version where it actually completes Gethen s needed magical transformation I m glad Pierce also made the relationship work solidly without making that magical bit be any important than it was hide spoiler

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The Shadow The Sun Militess Mage #1 Read ¶ 100 Alternate cover edition of ASIN B01DV98SUAAmong the living or the dead he’s never needed anything from anyoneShadow Mage Gethen is a powerful necromancer keeper of the border between the living and the dead and brother to the king of Besera But with his dark powers failing and a vengeful entity attacking Gethen should be happy when a formidable lady knight appears at his gates He’s not The. I Swear It Wasn t Me They Made Me Do It Buddy Read ISIWMTMMDIBR with Elena and Margaux view spoilerand a whole bunch of Super Extra Rude MacHalo Invaders SERMHI who shamelessly invaded Our Thread without being invited hide spoiler

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